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Lock the Gate’s message to Energy Summit - boost clean energy and cut gas exports to power Australia without compromising agriculture

Lock the Gate Alliance says the National Energy Summit should focus on ending the gas export dash and on growing renewable energy in order to fix energy policy while protecting land and water from fracking.

“We can ensure we are looking after both Australia's energy needs and our agricultural needs by getting gas exports under control and by allowing renewable energy to flourish,” Lock the Gate spokesperson Phil Laird said.

“Lock the Gate welcomes the announcement from Bill Shorten at the National Energy Summit that Labor would extend the water trigger to shale gas.

“Shale gas is every bit as risky as CSG and it’s past time that shale and tight gas are subject to the water trigger.

“The water trigger and state fracking regulations have come about because farmers and regional communities have stood up to protect their land and water for our food security and that of future generations.

“The federal government’s approach of blaming farmers to try and distract from the mismanagement of gas exports is not the answer. We have a gas export problem, plain and simple. Most of the gas being drilled from farmers’ land is being sent overseas while domestic customers are left paying top dollar.

“Despite its huffing and puffing, the Turnbull Government hasn’t pulled the export controls trigger to stop the big gas companies from sending most of our gas offshore. Now it appears they are squibbing on the Clean Energy Target.

“Australians want to hold these gas exporters to account and get on with growing clean, renewable energy and storage as quickly as possible, to help protect our agricultural industries and regional communities for many generations to come,” Mr Laird said.

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