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Lock the Gate welcome inquiry but call for examination of policy solutions for community

Lock the Gate today welcomed the announcement from Energy and Resources Minister Lily D’Ambrosio that the government will maintain a moratorium on unconventional gas extraction while it conducts a year long parliamentary inquiry into the industry.

“We welcome the inquiry. It’s time the government examined the current science, and along with it the disturbing track record of the industry“ said Victorian Lock the Gate Co-ordinator Chloe Aldenhoven.

“But it’s also important the government doesn’t just reproduce the findings of similar inquiries. Last year’s NSW Chief Scientist’s report stated clearly that there are significant risks, risks that the community would have to bear.

“We need this inquiry to look at policy solutions.  Across the world, countries are instating bans, moratoriums, and frameworks that ensure the safety of the community and prioritise Agriculture and Tourism.”

Lock the Gate especially welcomed the announcement that there will be no onshore unconventional gas drilling until the inquiry returns its findings at the end of the year.

“It’s a big relief for the community to know the moratorium will stay in place for the duration of the inquiry. ”

“Just yesterday AGL voluntarily withdrew from a fracking project in NSW after finding they had brought carcinogenic BTEX chemicals up with flow-back water. The industry have proved time and time again they can't be trusted.

"If the industry goes ahead we’ll be playing Russian roulette with our rural communities and agricultural industries“ Ms Aldenhoven said.

For more comment contact Chloe Aldenhoven 0432 328 107

For more information on the AGL Gloucester project suspension:

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