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Our Water – Don’t Risk it!

In the driest inhabited continent on earth, is our water worth risking for coal mining and unconventional gas? No!

Are there any protections anywhere in Australia that stop gas and coal mining in the drinking water catchments of our cities, or in the aquifers that supply our rural communities? No! 

With the Federal election coming up, we need to put water on the national agenda.  Already local communities have visited over 70 electorate offices to demand action from Federal candidates to deliver Water4Life - check out the photos

Coal seam gas, coal and all unconventional gas mining should not be allowed where it can impact our water - there should be "no-go" zones. 


Here are some numbers that should scare you:

  • 84 bores are going to run dry within 2 years because of CSG mining, and hundreds more will be affected over time. 
  • Coal mines dumped 26 tonnes of heavy metals and other pollutants into NSW waterways in 2014
  • 79% of the special recharge areas of the Great Artesian Basin are covered by coal and gas licences
  • Proposed coal mine expansions could mean the loss of 7.3 million litres of water per day from a catchment that supplies Sydney's drinking water. 
  • The proposed Galilee Basin mines in Queensland could remove 1,354 billion litres of ground water – over 2.5 times the volume of Sydney Harbour. 


Yes, I want No Go Zones to protect water from coal and gas mining.

To the Council of Australian Governments,

You must protect our ground water, including the amazing Great Artesian Basin and Sydney's Drinking Water. They are vital to our survival. 

We're asking all Australian Governments to withdraw plans to weaken Federal environment laws surrounding water impacts, and instead move to strengthen them in 2016, by creating 'No Go Zones' for coal and gas mining in all important water sources.

Act now to protect our water.


15,000 Signatures

10,217 Signatures

Will you sign?