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Communities rise up

We know sometimes the threat of invasive gasfields can seem far away or too big and overwhelming – but we must not put it into the too hard basket.

As you will see below, through dedicated local action, you and your community do have the power to change this perception and hold the mining giants accountable for their actions.

We need to stand together if we are going to be able to push back against the mining giants, and win!

Lock the Gate Community Groups

Find out who and where your local Lock the Gate member or supporter group is by clicking here. Hopefully there is a local group in your area. Have a look, and if there's a group near you, why not ask them what they are up to and see how you can help. Your community needs you.

This movement is happening now, and it’s gaining momentum. Join with us because together we are unstoppable! Here are just a few of the local community groups that are making an impact.







We also had an incredible day right across Australia on Saturday 25th June 2016, as thousands of people lined over 5,800km of the nation’s biggest highways to send a message that water is more precious than coal and gas as part of our Water4Life campaign.

Check out the magnificent photo gallery from the day here - it's guaranteed to make you smile!