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Stop Risking Our Health With Dangerous Gas Mining

New research from the United States has shown serious health risks associated with unconventional gas mining.

Possible impacts include heart and lung diseases, skin problems, cancers, reproductive disorders and low birth weights. Children are at greatest risk.

Despite these threats, there has still NOT been a single health impact assessment or even one on-ground study of the health impacts of unconventional gas mining in Australia.


The University of Western Sydney recently summarised the threat of CSG mining as follows:

“Health risks may be associated with all stages of CSG extraction (exploration, production and post-production), with possible exposures via water, soil and air pollution.

The adverse health outcomes may include respiratory, cardiovascular, …and digestive diseases, skin problems, some types of cancer, injuries, hormonal disruption, fertility and reproductive effects.

Concerns about poorer mental health associated with environmental, economic and social changes in the mining communities have also been raised”

To the National Health and Medical Research Council

Unconventional gas mining in Australia is a risky experiment on the Australian people which is being conducted in ignorance without any proper health studies or assessments.

As the leading Australian health research body, we are asking you to act now to:

  1. Urgently fund independent and rigorous research into the health impacts of unconventional gasfields in Australia

  2. Immediately advise all Australian governments about the known risks based on an assessment of existing research and evidence from the USA
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