Make Glencore Pay AGM Action Sydney

Brave community members from Borroloola in remote Northern Territory are travelling over 3000 kms to Sydney this week to oppose one of the world's largest zinc mines!

Join them on Thursday 19th May to say, “It’s time to make Glencore pay!”

On May 19, mining company Glencore meets for its Annual General Meeting. Join Borroloola clan groups from the NT, as they protest the environmental and cultural damage being inflicted on their local communities by Glencore's reckless mining in the Northern Territory's Gulf Country.

Glencore's McArthur River mine is the world’s largest open cut lead and zinc mine, built in the belly of the sacred McArthur River in the Northern Territory. Long opposed by local Indigenous clan groups, the mine has history of flouting mining laws and regulations over the last decade, which has allowed an environmental crisis to unfold. Lead levels in fish are at toxic levels and there is widespread pollution of the region with acid-leaching waste rock.

On the day of the Glencore AGM, communities on the front lines of Glencore mines from around the world will join Borroloola clan groups in solidarity to demand:

#Makethempay for clean up at McArthur River Mine, taxes on profits made off Australian natural resources and for the damage to people and country its mines have caused around the world.

Supported by ActionAid Australia, Mineral Policy Institute, Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Coalition and Lock the Gate Alliance.

See you there!



May 19, 2016 at 9am - 11am
Gateway Building
Corner of Reiby Place And Loftus Streets
One block from Circular Quay Train Station
Sydney, NSW 2000
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Who's RSVPing

Sandra Kelly
Lara Mae
Derek Finter
Eliza Fell
Amethyst Misty
Keelah Lam
Breana Macpherson-Rice
Lucy Manne
Beverley Pope
Mason Andy
Larissa Baldwin
Jason De Santolo
Kaleesha Morris
Lauren Mellor
Rachel Colbourne-Hoffman
Shazi Nova
Moo Cheong
Zachary Joseph Wone
Joseph-Zane Sikulu
Archie Law
Ella Drinkwater

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