Object to Maules Creek coal mine Modification 4


WHC-dust-maules-creek.jpgPlease help the local community by making a submission against a modification of the Maules Creek coal mine approval that would remove a condition relating to noise controls.

The mine has breached its conditions of approval numerous times and been given too many chances and excuses by Government agencies. The local community are now experiencing noise impacts that are ruining their lives.

The community at Maules Creek has long argued that false and misleading noise modelling was provided by Whitehaven Coal in its original Environmental Assessment in order to gain approval. 

Now the coal mine has applied to the Department of Planning to remove one of the conditions imposed on it when it was granted approval. 

Can you help the local community by objecting to the modification Whitehaven is seeking to its approval at Maules Creek?

We only have until Thursday 12 October.

You can object to this modification by visiting the Department of Planning website here. 

Make sure you select the drop down saying that you object to the project and make clear your objection in the body of your submission.

Some tips For making an objection: 

  • The Department of Planning let down the community at Maules Creek by ignoring community concerns and objections prior to the mine being approved - now they need to make sure the company sticks to the commitments it made when the approval was granted and not wind back the “sound power level” condition.

  • Whitehaven’s most recent annual environmental review in 2016 admitted that the company was not compliant with this “sound power level” condition. That report also details non-compliance with blast level criteria and blast monitoring requirements.

  • The mine has also reported non-compliance with the relevant noise criteria for some nearby properties.

  • Whitehaven has committed to reviewing its plant and equipment to reduce noise, so why is it seeking a change that would remove specific requirements to do this? This modification would remove a community right to expect continuous improvement in the environmental management of the mine.

  • This company must be held to their commitments and promises they made to the local community and the wider community of NSW when it obtained its approval, not be given a free pass by the government because they can’t achieve the conditions of that approval.

  • Maules Creek mine is expected in the next twelve months to reach the peak of its noise impact on the surrounding community. This is not a time to be watering down requirements for the mine to take any and all actions to reduce the noise burden it is inflicting on the Maules Creek community.


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