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Mining is our past, not our future

You are invited to a session on how we can we can extinguish coal and gas mining licenses in the Bremer Valley and Ipswich Region.
The failure of Coalbank to raise finance to start mining in the Bremer Valley has put the future of coal in our region in the balance. Today's mines operate on a massive scale. The idea that people can coexist with vast open-cut coal mines is not tenable. The Bremer Valley and Ipswich Regions have the highest and fastest growing population in Queensland.

Coalbank's failure to get finance brings us to a crucial pivot point:

•    On the one hand, these coal licenses, covering huge areas, could be renewed by the Queensland government. The licence could be sold cheaply to another company. The threat remains.

•    On the other hand, this situation gives us a golden opportunity to get these licenses extinguished, so we can start developing a coal-free future for our region. Residents and landholders need certainty to protect homes, livelihoods and public health. We need to build a diversified, jobs-rich economy.

August 26, 2015
6pm - 9pm
The Uniting Church Hall
Cnr Ellenborough and Limstone Sts
Ipswich, QLD 4305
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Julie Devine ·
Felicia Anstey Alexandra Lemay Kay Deaves Jo Compson Hanim Duarte Christine Dixon

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