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#Time2Choose: Visit Your Local MP


In NSW right now, we're at a crucial cross-roads.  It's a stark choice - will we choose more damaging coal and gas mining, or will we choose clean food, clean air and clean energy?

We need members of parliament to know that we're demanding better choices for NSW.

Are you willing to meet your MP?

Let us know where you are, and give us your phone number, and we’ll give you a call to talk through the details.

Here’s the simple choice we’re asking them to make for New South Wales. Will they support our vision to:

  1. Promote health and prosperity through agriculture and reliable clean energy
  2. Protect communities, including Indigenous communities, and give them legal rights to object to mining
  3. Protect important farmland, catchments and water resources from risky coal mining
  4. Stop mining and exploration for unconventional gas (like CSG)

Will your local member make this choice for NSW’s future?



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