Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund

Senators in the Federal Parliament will soon vote on changes to the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund. The changes will make it easier for the NAIF fund to throw money at mega gas pipelines.

The changes will allow risky equity investments and derivatives. They will also weaken the independence of the Board and remove the oversight of states and territories.  

The changes could even see funds from NAIF spent on gas pipelines in Southern Australia, rather than on community-building projects that are desperately needed in Northern Australia.

See our briefing note here with more details.

Can you call your state Senators today and let them know:

  1. The NAIF Bill currently before Parliament risks public money being thrown away on gas pipelines that will quickly become stranded assets

  2. It should not be passed in its current form, but needs to be amended to:
    • Retain proper independent oversight
    • Prohibit investment in gas-related projects
    • Ensure funds are spent in Northern Australia only

Let us know how your calls go, by leaving a message in the feedback form below.

Senator Contact Numbers – Labor and Crossbench (click to view)

  • Dean Draper
    published this page 2021-05-01 12:38:08 +1000


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