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Narrabri Forum: Know Your Property Rights

You are invited and urged to attend a public meeting at Narrabri's Crossing Theatre at 9.30 am on Monday the 6th May to discuss the problems of open cut coal mining and the extraction of coal seam gas. 

  • We the people of this State have simply had enough.
  • We the people know that if you own freehold land and you operate within common law, that land is yours to use and manage. 
  • We the people know that an exploration licence does not automatically mean a right of entry on your freehold land. 
  • Our committee has engaged the services of a Sydney Barrister Mr. Peter King to support these claims.
  • We have a good venue, with good acoustics, and three roving mikes for question time.---  Come along and ask questions.
  • We are asking for a small donation to cover costs. 

Resolution Outcome:

That this meeting calls for a Moratorium of open cut coal and coal seam gas mining in this State until the impacts of health, water and the environment are assessed to the satisfaction of the public.

May 06, 2013
9:30am - 12:30pm
Crossing Theatre, Narrabri

Will you come?

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