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New Hope’s last hope to wind up OCAA before High Court Hearing has been adjourned

The Oakey Coal Action Alliance has welcomed today’s decision in the Queensland Supreme Court to delay a move by New Hope to have the farming group liquidated.

New Hope had previously attempted to have OCAA wound up over costs of an earlier Court of Appeal challenge.

There are now no obstacles preventing OCAA’s High Court appeal over the expansion of the State 3 New Acland coal mine which, if approved, would rip apart prime agricultural land and threaten underground water sources that sustain many farms.

OCAA secretary Paul King said, “This was essentially the last ditch attempt by New Hope to stop us being able to have our day in court.

“New Hope has tried to deny us justice and the company has failed.”

OCAA president Aileen Harrison said, “It is a tremendous relief and there appears to be no more obstacles to us proceeding with this legal action that will hopefully result in us protecting the land for future generations.”

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