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No dirty mine water flowing out to the Reef!

For the first time in history the Queensland Environment Department has recommended refusal of a coal mine! 

The Central Queensland Coal Mine, proposed by Clive Palmer, just 10km from the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area would dump contaminated water into creeks flowing into the reef. 

Now it’s up to the Federal Environment Minister to reject the mine. Add your voice to those calling on the Minister to refuse the mine!

Who's signing
Angel Charles
Paula Sillars
Olive Edwards
Leslie Martin
kalu davies
John Nolan
Lyn Lyn
Beth Finch
Jessica Shields
Liam Greene
Debbie Davis
Josephine Perret
Ilona Roberts
Karin Engel
Karen Houghton
Janet Russell
Brian Lennox
Howard Moses
Joelle Cullen
Ken Alchin
Elizabeth Morgan AM
Elizabeth Connors
Amy Jansen
Maryrose Grabi
Kay Byrne
Jan Buckley
Pam Sweeney
Patrick Patullo
Bob Harding
Rosemary Nott

Will you sign?