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NSW Net Zero Commission established just in time to advise on 19 coal mine expansions

Lock the Gate Alliance welcomes the official launch of the NSW Minns Government’s Net Zero Commission and the appointment of senior officials and experts to the organisation.

Georgina Woods, Head of Research and Investigations at LTGA, said, “The establishment of the Net Zero Commission comes just in the nick of time so its independent experts can provide frank and fearless advice to the government about the role planned coal mine expansions would play in driving up direct and downstream greenhouse gas emissions.

“We welcome the establishment of the commission and the independent expertise it will bring to the urgent and complex climate challenges facing New South Wales. 

“Right now, there are 19 coal mine expansions undergoing assessment in NSW.

“Neither NSW nor the world can afford the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from these projects - which would equate to more than 17 times NSW's total annual emissions.

“Approving new coal projects now will have catastrophic consequences for the climate and NSW communities who are already suffering due to worsening extreme weather events.

“Any expansion in the coal mining sector is a blow to every other industry in NSW.

“Other sectors of the NSW economy will have to reduce emissions even faster while at the same time experiencing worsening climate impacts if the coal mining sector is allowed to expand dramatically. 

“Global temperatures are rising steeply. Last month was the warmest June on record and the 13th straight month of record-breaking temperatures.

“Out of control global warming poses grave danger to the people of New South Wales. Bringing down greenhouse emissions is an urgent priority and that cannot happen if coal mining continues to expand.”


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