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NT Fyles Government destroys public faith to fast-track fracking agenda, ignoring expert recommendations

Community groups have accused the Northern Territory Government of lying to the public and breaking its promise to implement all recommendations of the NT Fracking Inquiry before giving the go ahead for fracking production in the Beetaloo sub-basin.

The Fyles Government today released the final implementation report into fracking in the Territory, paving the way for potentially thousands of gaswells, high pressure pipelines, wastewater treatment plants, and access roads to be built across the Territory’s interior.

However, as nearly 100 scientists and other experts noted in an open letter today, and as reported in new analysis released by the EDO, the government has not implemented Fracking Inquiry recommendations to prevent increases in greenhouse gas emissions (Rec 9.8), nor have they moved to protect water resources (Rec 7.3). Astonishingly, the Fyles Government today admitted a policy to offset Scope 2 or 3 emissions from fracking was not yet in place.

Community groups are now calling on the Federal Albanese Government to step in before it’s too late.

Mudburra Elder Ray Dimakarri Dixon, from Marlinja Community said, “From my community, from myself, and my family, we are worried about our water, and our sacred stories, culture, and songlines that we have. It’s all very important to us. 

“Fracking is going to wreck all that. They’ve already done damage, but we are worried that this will be the big one. Who’s going to tell our stories to the next generation if fracking destroys all this? The government is not going to tell those stories to our mob.”

Hannah Ekin, from Arid Lands Environment Centre, said, “Chief Minister Fyles and the NT Government have repeatedly lied to Territorians - they promised not to approve gas production until all Fracking Inquiry recommendations were implemented, but today they turned their backs on that promise.

“The majority of Territorians have made it clear that we don’t want fracking, but the Fyles Government is backing gas giants and their lobbyists over its own people and rushing forward in a move that puts us all at risk,” she said.

“Fracking the Beetaloo will breach Australia’s climate commitments and put the Territory at risk of severe increases in extreme heat, and worsening droughts, floods, and fires.

“One thing is certain - Territorians won’t back down, and we’ll redouble our efforts to stop fracking and pursue clean energy as the cheapest, safest way forward.”

Lock the Gate Alliance National Coordinator Carmel Flint urged the Albanese Government to step in and make good on its promises on water and climate.

“The Federal Government has promised to put a water trigger in national environment laws for shale gas fracking, and to ensure that there is ‘no net increase’ to Australia’s greenhouse emissions from Beetaloo gas projects as recommended by the Fracking Inquiry,” she said.

“In fact, just one month ago they referred the issue of how to implement greenhouse gas controls in the Beetaloo to the Energy and Climate Change Ministerial Council.

“We don’t yet have a water trigger or any controls on greenhouse emissions, so the Federal Government needs to step in and stop the NT Government jumping the gun with a dangerous rush to fracking”.


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