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NT Labor Must Act on Mandate for Moratorium on Fracking, After Sweeping to Power

Lock the Gate Alliance said the NT election result showed voters in the Territory had comprehensively rejected plans for shale gas fracking and urged the incoming Labor Government to act urgently to implement the moratorium which they have promised.

In electorates where massive opposition to shale gas fracking was a crucial factor, the Labor Party won key seats with large swings – including Arnhem, Arafura, Port Darwin, and Sanderson – and they are on the cusp of winning seats like Braitling and Katherine for the first time in history.

Numerous ALP candidates, who have now been elected, put action to halt fracking at the forefront of their campaign, and the community will be looking to them now to deliver for their constituents.

Naomi Hogan of NT Lock the Gate Alliance said “The results from this election are loud and clear - the new NT Labor Government has an overwhelming mandate to urgently halt all shale gas fracking in keeping with their promises.

“One of Michael Gunner’s first tests to prove his Government can be trusted is to act immediately on his commitment for a complete stop to all shale gas activities in the Territory”.

“Hundreds of Territorians have played an active role in the Territory Frack Free Alliance to ensure protection for our water and communities from shale gas fracking – and they are now waiting to see action from the incoming government” she said.

Melissa Bury, teacher and long time Darwin resident said "I’ve absolutely loved growing up in the Territory and raising my kids here and I want to look forward to a healthy future for them here.

"I am determined to hold this new Government to account on their promise to put water protection and community consultation ahead of the shale gas fracking industry.

Barry Shah, Darwin rural resident and ex-president of the Rare Fruit Council NT, said “It’s been plain as day that Territorians didn’t want to see shale gasfields and fracking impacting on our water and our landscape – and we voted along with that.

“I’m going to be watching this new NT Government like a hawk to make sure they don’t pull away from any commitment to stop fracking.

“I’ll be a part of the NT Frack Free Alliance until we have permanent protection for the Territory’s land, water and communities.

Barb Molanus, a nurse from Alice Springs in the ex-Chief Minister Adam Giles’ seat, said “I’m excited for a new era in the Northern Territory where we actually get water protection, value our nature tourism and get better rights for communities to have a say about what happens on their land.”

“We door knocked our electorate and had hundreds of conversations with people that shared concerns about shale gas fracking.

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