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Origin told to ditch dodgy NT fracking plans at Northern NSW energy event

Gasfield Free Northern Rivers members have demanded Origin Energy abandon its plans to frack the Northern Territory during a Southern Cross University alternative fuels event.

The event, EnergyLab Northern Rivers: Embracing Electrification and Alternative Fuels, brought together a panel with including local entrepreneurs Andy Naughton and Luke Young, and EnergyLab corporate sponsor Origin Energy’s Head of Partnerships Linda Koschier.

“It’s important to highlight the dodgy plans Origin Energy has to frack the Northern Territory, without the consent of traditional owners and the community at a time when the planet is facing a climate crisis,” said Philippa Cutter from Gasfield Free Northern Rivers.

“While we support the work of EnergyLab and particularly enjoyed hearing about the work Andy and Luke are leading in the region, we believe it’s important to call out Origin’s attempts to present itself as a clean-energy company while it is in fact poised to pollute some of Australia’s most unique places with fracking.

“We need to move away from fossil fuels as soon as possible to avoid climate catastrophe. 

“Scientists are saying we only have 12 years to act, and gas reserves must be kept in the ground to achieve this. The fossil fuel industry must take this seriously, it is their corporate responsibility to move away from fossil fuels, not open up new gasfields.”  

Amanda King from Gasfield Free Northern Rivers said: “Linda from Origin was asked by Gasfield Free Northern Rivers members if Origin would be prepared to leapfrog fossil fuels, embrace renewable energy and storage solutions and work positively to address the climate crisis.

“There is a huge opportunity here for Origin staff right across the country to use their position of authority and influence within Origin to ensure they consider the wishes of the traditional custodians of the Northern Territory and the wider community. Scientists are calling for serious climate action and Origin Energy must own its corporate responsibility in the climate crisis facing the planet and scrap plans to frack the Northern Territory.” 


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