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Record number of public submissions against Narrabri gasfield must be respected

The release today of submissions to the Narrabri coal seam gasfield in North West NSW reveals overwhelming numbers of people opposed to it, prompting calls for the NSW Government to reject the project.

The Department of Planning has revealed that it received 23,000 submissions on the project, the most ever received on a major resource project, with only 300 in support. The vast majority of the submissions are opposed to the project, which is also opposed by the NSW State Opposition.

Sarah Ciesiolka, whose farm is near the proposed gasfield said, “We are overwhelmed by how many people from around the state and far afield have supported our efforts to prevent the Pilliga forest being turned over to an industrial gasfield. This is a mandate that the NSW Government cannot ignore: they must reject this unacceptable gasfield.”

Anne Kennedy, a farmer from Coonamble said, “We are not surprised that so many people have made their objection to this project clear. Experts have reviewed Santos’ Environmental Impact Statement and found that this project presents profound risk to the recharge of the Great Artesian Basin.

“The Pilliga Sandstone is effectively the headwater of the aquifer we rely on for our existence and Santos want to drill straight through it and depressure the aquifers below it. It’s not on.”

Megan Kuhn from Lock the Gate Alliance said, “This unprecedented response must surely be ringing the Government’s alarm bells. Over 100 communities in the area and around the region have declared themselves gasfield free and people far and wide have now also swarmed to support us and what’s at stake by this proposal.The NSW Government will ignore this movement at its peril.”

The Department of Planning media release outlining the scale of opposition to the Narrabri gasfield is available online here.

The North West Alliance submission and some expert reviews is available here.

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  • David Quince
    commented 2017-06-07 22:50:42 +1000
    Exactly when Ian Macfarlane left politics Tony Abbot suggested in his valedictory speech of Macfarlane retirement from federal politics that the Mining Industry should reward him with a very lucrative position for his outstanding contribution to their Industry ! { No Energy Policy or Gas Reservation Policy of note & certainly no credible royalties or tax on this Industry to benefit Australia } This is clearly the the Eddie Obeid doctrine of snouts in the trough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Simon Pockley
    commented 2017-06-07 17:55:51 +1000
    ‘Poor Fellow My Country’ when our Deputy Prime Minister (Barnaby Joyce) is so unashamedly corrupt about ‘political donations’ from Santos. The money trail demonstrates why the many voices of community members are, as if silent. But even if we fail to be heard, we will not be silent. We will not go away. We will not give up or sell out. Corrupt politicians will ultimately be condemned by history and their descendant’s shame. What is true, what is right, what is just, will triumph against these rapacious, morally bankrupt parasites.
  • David Quince
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-06-07 17:20:16 +1000
    Record number of public submissions against Narrabri gasfield must be respected
  • David Quince
    commented 2017-06-07 17:18:59 +1000
    “Effects of Land Use on Coal Resources” / The greatest threat to NSW coal resources { coal & CSG } is Agriculture & National Parks !!!! What a sad inditement on the Government & Coal Industry that they clearly see coal & CSG as more important than Food & The Environment !!!! Quite clearly these views are not those of both the residents of the project area in the North West with 96 % + and over 3,000,000 hectares wanting Gasfield Free and the majority of submissions also wanting the same !!!! If this Project is given the green light clearly there is not only collusion between the Government & Santos but also deep & toxic Corruption !!!!!!
  • Simon Pockley
    commented 2017-06-07 15:44:57 +1000
    …hear the voices of locals who are impacted by Santos drilling: