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Petition to save the heritage Wallaby Scrub Road in the Hunter Valley from Open Cut Mining

We the undersigned demand the Premier of NSW Mike Baird and his Roads Minister Duncan Gay refuse to close Bulga's Wallaby Scrub Road to allow Warkworth Mining Limited (Rio Tinto) to destroy our convict built heritage road for open cut coal mining.

The owner of the road, Singleton Council, has reaffirmed its objection to the closure of Wallaby Scrub Road by voting against the closure at their recent meeting. Council is supporting the Bulga community, and we call on the Baird Government to do the same.

Baird's State Government has ignored the Land and Environment Court and the Supreme Court and abandoned the people of Bulga and Milbrodale in the Hunter Valley. The Commonwealth Government has worked hand in glove with the NSW Government to allow the destruction of world unique woodlands and aboriginal culture and history.

Wallaby Scrub Road is a heritage road built by the convicts and must be preserved as part of our European heritage. We must not allow a profit driven international mining company to destroy our heritage against wishes of the community and to mine a product which is destroying our planet.

Who's signing
Lyndall Whiteford
Geoff Ward
Sharyn Smith
Mal Hamilton
Marina Varda
Nigel Rice
Mark Flanagan
Margaret Bluett
Helen Kvelde
Susan Bower
Ferdinando Cosentino
Jahn Caukwell
Stephen Ballantine
Emma Williams
Trevor Jordan
Carlos Arroyo
Linda Spencer
Craig Cross
Bronwyn Cooper
Peter Fredericks
Philip James
James Nutt
Gregory Bosler
Les Houghton
Jane Margarets
Michael Houston
Phillippa Dimakis
Pip Murray
Ronald Henderson

Will you sign?

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  • Lyndall Whiteford
    signed 2016-12-20 20:02:21 +1100
    Lyndell Whiteford
  • Geoff Ward
    signed 2016-12-20 19:24:19 +1100
    Please stop companies from destroying our heritage….even tho they are obviously paying you, your mates and all your colleagues $thousands and helping you secure your lifetime future workplaces once you have been kicked out of parliament at the next election.
  • Sharyn Smith
    signed 2016-12-20 19:05:16 +1100
  • Mal Hamilton
    signed 2016-12-20 19:01:06 +1100
    The continued use of fossil fuels adds to catastrophic global warming leading to dire consequences for the whole world. It will also make it difficult if not impossible for Australia to honour its commitments to the Paris Accord to keep global warming at or below 2 degrees centigrade. The burning of coal adds to air and water pollution, loss of habitat, loss of biodiversity, loss of residential and farming land, and kills thousands of people every year through air pollution. The revenue generated through royalties and tax is paltry compared to the aforementioned irredeemable and irremediable losses to our people, our planet and our future. Keep it in the ground Mr Baird, and invest in the rich rewards of renewable energy, for all our sakes.
  • Marina Varda
    signed 2016-12-20 18:18:52 +1100
  • Nigel Rice
    signed 2016-12-20 17:48:26 +1100
    We must not allow ANY NEW or expanded fossil fuel projects ANYWHERE in Australia
  • Mark Flanagan
    signed 2016-12-20 12:51:54 +1100
    Mark Flanagan
  • Margaret Bluett
    signed 2016-12-20 12:45:26 +1100
    This is public property. How dare Rio Tinto make a grab for it. As well, we should be phasing coal out, NOT expanding it!
  • Helen Kvelde
    signed 2016-12-20 12:30:24 +1100
    Why is an international mining company allowed to destroy part of our national heritage for profit which won’t even benefit us
  • Susan Bower
    signed 2016-12-04 11:35:36 +1100
  • Ferdinando Cosentino
    signed 2016-10-20 09:15:50 +1100
  • Jahn Caukwell
    signed 2016-10-08 16:06:23 +1100
    My pops farm is at wallaby scrub road and I’d hate to see it destroyed I’d love to one day be able to buy that farm that we have so many good memories at!
  • Stephen Ballantine
    signed 2016-09-18 13:34:36 +1000
  • Emma Williams
    signed 2016-09-17 20:27:37 +1000
    This road is a vital resource for travel. To eliminate this road, would be eliminating Bulga, as well as jerrys plains.. Businesses would suffer and so would residents that would have to uproot their entire lively hood..
  • Trevor Jordan
    signed 2016-09-13 15:08:45 +1000
    a useful road for avoiding mainstream traffic and cutting travel time between Broke and Denman
  • Carlos Arroyo
    signed via 2016-09-12 17:18:23 +1000
  • Linda Spencer
    signed via 2016-09-12 08:35:10 +1000
  • Craig Cross
    signed 2016-09-11 20:27:28 +1000
    We go this way all the time when traveling north up the New England and out to Bylong which another mine is going to stuff it would be a shame to close it. We went past you guys bike riding this afternoon but couldn’t stop so we made it our mission to sign this partition cheers for your efforts.
  • Bronwyn Cooper
    signed 2016-09-11 20:19:22 +1000
  • Peter Fredericks
    signed 2016-09-11 20:08:47 +1000
    Stop mining destruction of our valuable Hunter Valley farm land and road network that serves our whole community
  • Philip James
    signed 2016-09-11 18:43:19 +1000
    This road is a vital link and widely used. It should be preserved for the greater community
  • James Nutt
    signed 2016-09-09 09:46:37 +1000
  • Gregory Bosler
    signed 2016-09-08 20:24:11 +1000
    We use Wallaby Scrub Road regularly to travel from Tamworth to Sydney via a stop in the Hunter Valley wineries area and love the convenience, peace and quiet, and beautiful scenery along this route.
  • Les Houghton
    signed 2016-09-07 18:09:03 +1000
    Use this road on a regular basis for travel between Tamworth & Sydney to break the continual highway run, would be outrageous to loose public access.
  • Jane Margarets
    signed via 2016-09-06 22:48:21 +1000
    jane margarets
  • Michael Houston
    signed 2016-09-06 22:45:21 +1000
    A convict built road – part of the nation’s European heritage – to be destroyed for the profits of a multi-national mining company trading in planet-frying coal? Gotta be joking. What the hell is going on Mike Baird?
  • Phillippa Dimakis
    signed via 2016-09-06 16:52:18 +1000
  • Pip Murray
    signed via 2016-09-06 11:24:15 +1000
    Sacrilege. Where will this end?
  • Stephanie Richards
    posted about this on Facebook 2016-09-06 08:43:23 +1000
    Sign the petition: Petition to save the heritage Wallaby Scrub Road in the Hunter Valley from Open Cut Mining
  • Ronald Henderson
    signed 2016-09-05 20:04:09 +1000