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  • signed Renewables-led Recovery 2020-08-18 20:36:30 +1000

    Tell the federal government that we want a renewables-led recovery

    We know that we need renewables NOT gas for a sustainable, healthy future for our communities, our environment AND our economy. 

    We can't let our government keep propping up this destructive industry. It’s time we invested our money wisely on safe and sustainable industries, and towards a clean energy future.

    Tell the federal government that we want a renewables-led recovery!


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  • signed Stop the Narrabri gas project 2020-07-16 13:24:32 +1000

    Help Stop Santos’ Coal Seam Gas Project in Narrabri

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    PETITION to the Deputy Premier, Independent Planning Commission and Planning Minister Rob Stokes:

    We oppose Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project across the Pilliga forest and farmland near Narrabri due to:

    • The risk and damage it would bring to the groundwater of the Great Artesian Basin
    • The hundreds of thousands of tonnes of salty waste it would produce, with no disposal solution
    • The spread of gasfields across the North West region’s farmland that would follow
    • The fact it would do zero to address high gas prices, in fact it could lock in higher prices.
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  • answered 2017-06-28 18:56:25 +1000
    Q: Donation Details
    A: $50.00 to the Beetaloo Hot Springs. This is getting desperate, so many destructive “Millionaire” schemes being approved by OUR wonderful “Billionaire” friendly government – dig it up and sell it BUT they don’t care what they destroy in the process. Our land and water should be sacrosanct but to “THEM” it isn’t. They don’t drink water or eat fresh food.

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  • donated 2015-09-19 23:31:20 +1000

    Can you chip in?


    The Federal Government wants to strip away the rights of communities to object to dangerous mining projects by ripping up our basic legal rights and putting national assets like the Liverpool Plains and Great Barrier Reef at risk.

    But Alan Jones has put the Government on notice, and joined us to demand they take this divisive plan off the table.  Can you chip in get this TV Ad played on Sky News next week and send the Federal Parliament a message they can't ignore?

    With your help we can make sure each and every Federal politician hears the powerful voice of Alan Jones blaring through their parliamentary offices this coming week, as they return for the first time after the Parliamentary break.

    By chipping in now, you will be asking them directly to stand up for communities and defend Australia from reckless coal and gas mining giants who are putting our nation at risk.  All we're asking for is a fair go, and the basic right to be heard in a court of law.




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