Queensland - #LoveQLD Campaign

Published: September 20, 2017

love queeslande, lock the gate alliance, coal mining,coal seam gasIt’s all on the line in Queensland – food and water, health, and thriving agricultural industries are all at risk from coal mining,coal seam gas and shale gas fracking.

The mining billionaires have been drowning out the voices of ordinary Queenslanders for too long.

Aussie icons are at risk from big coal and gas – the Great Artesian Basin, the Darling Downs, the Fraser Coast and Outback Rivers - even the Great Barrier Reef.

Get involved in the #LoveQLD campaign! 


We’re asking for action to:

  1. Protect our food and water
  2. Stop risking people’s health
  3. Make the miners clean up their mess
  4. Ensure a sustainable economy

Mining and gas companies are paying little or no tax, dodging royalties and driving up our power prices. The future for our state is vibrant regional economies based on agriculture, tourism and solar power.

If you love Queensland, don’t let the mining giants wreck it for the rest of us! Check out the dedicated #LoveQLD website and get involved.

queensland, caol, coal seam gas, fracking, lock the gate alliance


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