Queensland - Plan to Grow Queensland Campaign

Published: September 20, 2017

Plan to Grow is a project to bring regional people, businesses, and organisations together to diversify Queensland's economies, create jobs and plan for the future.

They advocating for community-driven regional plans for Queensland that will:

  • Nurture and grow new industries and new jobs
  • Advance our traditional sustainable industries
  • Provide new opportunities and skills for young people
  • Strengthen our communities and reduce the cost of living
  • Protect key assets which are the foundation of our regional economies

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At present regional plans are inadequate or out-dated and as a result, we are not seizing emerging opportunities or protecting the key assets we need for the future.

In particular, resource activities are encroaching on our best farmland, areas close to towns and important ecological areas.

Existing laws designed to protect these core areas have failed and as a result, farmland is being destroyed, people’s health is being put at risk and natural areas lost.



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