Australia is one the driest inhabited continent on the Planet and our greatest resource is our Underground Water including the GAB and Australia useful Agricultural country is such a small percentage of the Australian Continent that to allow a finite Industry like mining that impacts so greatly on that Land is Criminal ! And which is for the greater part driven by Overseas Interests with little or no benefits for Australia just wrecking our precious wonderful Country !

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    Help Stop Santos’ Coal Seam Gas Project in Narrabri

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    PETITION to the Deputy Premier, Independent Planning Commission and Planning Minister Rob Stokes:

    We oppose Santos’ Narrabri Gas Project across the Pilliga forest and farmland near Narrabri due to:

    • The risk and damage it would bring to the groundwater of the Great Artesian Basin
    • The hundreds of thousands of tonnes of salty waste it would produce, with no disposal solution
    • The spread of gasfields across the North West region’s farmland that would follow
    • The fact it would do zero to address high gas prices, in fact it could lock in higher prices.
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  • commented on Bribery and betrayal: NSW gas deal could drain groundwater and worsen climate change 2020-01-31 10:55:17 +1100
    Margaret Fleck is right it will deplete our precious underground water and ultimately destroy the world’s largest underground water reserve the Great Artesian Basin which provides vital water for 22% of Australia’s Land Mass !’nn
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    This Coal Mine beggars belief as even it didn’t interfere or damage the surrounding underground water which it will ! It completely destroys the marketability of all the Agricultural Products & Produce in that area ! It is simply farceical !!!!!!
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    Take the survey: Sydney volunteers

    Sydney volunteers

    In preparation to ramp up our #Time2Choose campaign to protect NSW from damaging coal and gas projects, we want to understand better what you would like to contribute to the movement and how.

    Thanks in advance for answering 9 short questions.

    We estimate it will take you 5 minutes to complete this survey.

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  • commented on Overwhelming public rejection of CSG at Narrabri must be respected 2017-06-07 22:50:42 +1000
    Exactly when Ian Macfarlane left politics Tony Abbot suggested in his valedictory speech of Macfarlane retirement from federal politics that the Mining Industry should reward him with a very lucrative position for his outstanding contribution to their Industry ! { No Energy Policy or Gas Reservation Policy of note & certainly no credible royalties or tax on this Industry to benefit Australia } This is clearly the the Eddie Obeid doctrine of snouts in the trough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • commented on No Prime Minister, gas companies do not have a social licence to operate 2017-03-19 23:15:06 +1100
    Phil Laird nails It , Governments of both persuasions & state & federal cannot possible believe that there is a social licence for either unconventional gas mining or that Australia is running short of Gas !!!! The only Government that is both honest as well as truly representing the people that voted them in and recognising that there is no shortage of Gas is the Victorian Daniel Andrews Labor Government !!!!!!
Chairman Mullaley Gas & Pipeline Accord & Gunnedah Shire Councillor


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