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Call Planning Minister Rob Stokes

Coal giant Glencore is pushing ahead with plans to expand its Mount Owen Glendell mine through a site of huge cultural importance. The Wonnarua Plains Clan say this expansion would rip up land which holds restless spirits and unconsecrated graves from a massacre in the 1820s.

An open-cut coal mine here would be a tragedy for NSW, and the independent NSW Heritage Council has warned of the catastrophic consequences of allowing this mine to proceed.

Will you call Planning Minister Rob Stokes now and urge him to intervene and STOP Glencore from ripping up such culturally important ground?

Rob Stokes phone numbers: 

Ministerial office - (02) 8574 6707

(02) 9999 3599 - electorate office (in case you can't get through to the number above)

Your call will be answered by reception.  Please be polite and let them know that you want a message passed on to Minister Stokes. Here are some talking points for your call:

  • Glencore’s mine expansion (called the Glendell Continued Operations Project) would rip up a site of huge cultural importance to the Traditional Owners of the Wonnarua Plains Clan.
  • It is appalling that Glencore has taken out full-page advertisements attacking members of the Plains Clan personally because they have called for protection of the site.  
  • An open-cut coal mine expanding through the Ravensworth estate will echo the destruction of the Juukan Gorge by Rio Tinto last year.
  • Call on the Minister to step in to ensure this area is protected and to prevent Glencore from intimidating Wonnarua people speaking out against the project.

Please leave a comment below with your details when you make a call, we want to know how the call went!

Independent Heritage Council of NSW referring to potential damage to Aboriginal heritage as ‘catastrophic’