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  • Call to Mike Baird's Office- OUTCOME- NEED TO FOLLOW THEIR PROCESS

    Office suggested I send an email to Mr Baird via the www,nsw, website as they don't want to misconstrue anything I may say over the phone. I told them I just wanted to advise that I do not support coal mining or its expansion due to health and environmental impacts. Can't really misconstrue that now can they. She said their office had received many calls from concerned citizens regarding effects of coal mining. Will send an email to follow up call.

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    Our common home

    Bishops, wine-makers, livestock producers and conservationists have penned a joint letter to NSW Premier Mike Baird calling on him to protect our common home from a coal mining industry that is out of control.  You can read the full text of the joint letter here

    Our common home, our farmland, rivers, villages and bushland are being torn up or ruined for coal mining. How long are coal affected communities expected to wait for the Government to do something to fix up coal mining? 

    We've put an ad in Mike Baird's local paper, the Manly Daily, and want all of you to give him a call and add your voice to the push to reform coal mining and save our communities, landscapes and rural industries. Can you call him?




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