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Renewables Not Gas

Farmlands, water resources and the climate can’t afford to keep propping up polluting coal and gas. It’s time for Australia to grow stronger and tool up to embrace cleaner energy.

There are already great examples of what’s working around Australia and the world. Learn more about why gas is polluting, unstable and unnecessary and how renewables are ready to fill all of our energy needs now and into a healthier future.

Get off the gas

Stop the fossil fuel subsidies

Gas projects and coal mines are economically and geologically unstable. Currently gas and oil tankers languish offshore with no market to unload to. As the tide goes out on investment, we run the risk of being left holding stranded assets in increasingly undesirable industries.

Gas is greedy – it moved from the oceans onto our land, now consuming around a third of the continent with exploration licences. The industry takes billions of dollars in corporate welfare in the form of tax-based subsidies, direct government contributions and public finance.

Why pay an industry that poses unacceptable long-term risk to our food and water security? At every stage of production, transport and delivery, gas leaks into the atmosphere, causing about 30 times more damage to the climate than carbon dioxide in the near term.

It is urgent that we pull out of gas now.  

Transition today

Create a National Renewable Energy Roadmap transitioning from coal and gas towards renewable energy

Renewables are ready and already powering a significant and growing percentage of the population. South Australia sources over half their power from renewables and Tasmania is on track to generate all of their power from renewables by 2022 - and pledged to generate 200% of their energy needs from clean energy by 2040. The ACT runs on 100% renewable energy yet the Northern Territory, with spectacular solar and wind potential has very little renewable energy industry to speak of.

We need coherent and efficient federal leadership.

The age of renewables is here. A raft of mature technologies are already working for us. With stronger commitment to funding research into emerging technologies, we can diversify and accelerate clean power to every part of the country for our own domestic use and export.

Tell the government to get with the strength and back renewables.


Set the standard

Commit to the National Energy Market sourcing 100% of its energy from renewables within the decade.

The Australian Energy Market Operator has told the government that the National Energy Market has the capacity to source 75% of the power in its network from clean energy by 2025. Other modelling shows that we could quickly, easily and affordably tip that to 100%. But now without Government commitment, we will be turning off solar panels and wind turbines to cap renewable supply to the network.

For less money than the government already spends on gas and coal, we could have clean energy powering Australia. We could enjoy the real natural resource advantage that this country has in abundance, sun and wind.

Tell the government to streamline renewables into the national grid.

Help, don’t hinder states and territories

Help states and territories source 100% of their energy from renewable sources through dedicated infrastructure funding

State and territory governments have been left to their own devices to create disparate net emissions targets with little Federal Government encouragement. At the same time, the Commonwealth has told states to unlock gas reserves before they can be eligible for infrastructure spending, often on green energy projects.

With a shift in priorities, the Federal government can help states and territories build on their strengths and pull together to deliver a clean energy country.

We call on the Federal government to take a leadership role to coordinate renewable energy between state and territory governments, and to withdraw all support for the polluting gas industry.

Drive leaner demand and cleaner supply

Retrofit for renewables and energy efficiency in homes and small businesses across Australia using zero interest loans.

Households want to keep their power bills down. Industry is always looking for costs to cut, particularly in hard times.  The upfront costs of keeping energy demands low and installing renewables creates a poverty trap for those who can least afford it.

We need a coordinated strategy that compels all new and existing builds to meet and maintain the highest standards of efficiency. A well-targeted government stimulus package would help businesses and households to cut their power use to the bare minimum and source what power they do need from renewables.

Managed service agreements can offer zero interest loans to households for retrofit, saving households $200 a year on their energy bills and providing 100,000 jobs across Australia. In Holland, Energiesprong has already retrofitted over 5000 homes to operate at net zero emissions and at zero cost to homeowners. These systems have been tried and tested, and provide opportunities for affordable healthy housing and employment nationwide.

We call on the federal government to immediately fund a stimulus package to assist households businesses to transition to cleaner energy and best practice efficiency.

>>> Sign the petition calling on the federal government to urgently:

>>> Make a call to your federal MP and Ministers:

Tell them you want them to represent the best interests of Australians, the economy and the environment. They must stop trying to force farmers, Traditional Owners and communities to suffer with gasfields.

>>> Be part of the Ready for Renewables Council challenge:

Email your councilors and ask them to take up the challenge and commit to taking these steps-

  • Ban gas on new builds, renovations and retrofits - request planning scheme amendments of the state planning minister
  • Environmental Upgrade Finance offered by Councils to support the installation of renewables for homes and local small business through low or zero interest loans
  • Divest from gas companies that use or benefit directly from onshore gas projects


Fossil fuels soak up billions of dollars of public money through tax based subsidies, direct contributions and public finance.
Market Forces: Fossil Fuels Subsidies

Gas is a sinking ship. The sooner we put a lid on the industry and move on the better for Australia and the world.
IEEFA: Gas cannot reduce emissions or provide cheap power

It’s so easy for households to switch from gas using inexpensive replacement of technology.
Environment Victoria: Victorian Gas Market - Demand Side Measures to Avoid Forecast Supply Shortfall

Renewables can create 1.8 million new jobs for Australia over the next 5 years. This is a perfect replacement for declining employment in the increasingly unstable and volatile gas and coal industry.
Beyond Zero Emissions: The Million Jobs Plan

Transitioning households to zero net emissions has never been easier. Find out more about how Europe is leading the way in zero cost, zero net emissions refurbishment of houses.
Energiesprong: Energiesprong explained

Clean energy is already working for us. Using a combination of renewable generation sources, innovative battery storage options and smart grid technologies which are already available we have capacity to transition rapidly away from fossil fuel generation and embrace zero emissions.
Clean Energy Council: Clean Energy At Work


<<<Check out our Ready For Renewables page here for more info>>>

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