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Residents Vow to Fight On Against Acland Stage 3 Coal Mine

Oakey Coal Action Alliance has vowed to fight on to protect farmland and water resources, after a decision by the Supreme Court today in relation to the Acland Stage 3 coal mine on the Darling Downs.

Paul King from Oakey Coal Action Alliance said “New Acland Coal failed on the majority of the grounds that it brought forward as part of its judicial review in the Supreme Court.

“Whilst the decision today in no way approves the mine, it refers it back to the Land Court on the basis of a couple of grounds raised by New Acland Coal.

“The part of the decision that most concerns us is the finding that the Land Court did not have the power to fully consider groundwater issues.

“This raises major issues and recasts the way that environmental law relating to water issues has been understood in Queensland for a long time.

“On the ground of apprehended bias that was also raised by New Acland Coal, we are pleased that the judgement found that the original Land Court decision was fair and there was no finding of apprehended bias.

 “We are currently still reviewing the very lengthy decision and taking further advice on it.

“This is a long fight and our farmers and local community are committed to seeing it through to the end, until we can obtain permanent protection for the land and water resources we rely on” he said.

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