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Senator Glenn Lazarus joins locals at coal mine & gasfields free event at the Southern Downs

Queensland Senator Glenn Lazarus will be keynote speaker at the Southern Downs on Saturday (July 25) when locals declare their wish for the region to become coal mine and gasfields free.

Ninety-two per cent of residents in Goomburra, Allora and Berat voted against the invasive mining after surveys were carried out by members of the Southern Downs Protection Group.

The group’s president, Sarah Moles said the proposed APEC coal mine development would threaten the town of Allora, agricultural land, water bores and the all-important Dalrymple Creek and the Condamine River.

“This is the first time that a Southern Downs community has taken steps to declare itself coal mining and gasfield free and we are all very excited,” Ms Moles said.

“We want to stop the threat of this devastating coal mine before it’s too late and this is the community’s way of saying to APEC coal ‘don’t think you can just walk in and bully us into accepting your proposal’.

“The Southern Downs will join with more than 340 communities around Australia that are standing up for the places they love against big coal and gas companies.”

Other speakers will include Southern Downs Regional Councillor Jamie Mackenzie and The Greens’ Penny Allman-Payne.

Survey coordinator, David Ffinch said he was “absolutely thrilled” with the survey results.

“There was overwhelming support from locals to retain their current quality of life and mix of agricultural and business activities, instead of being overwhelmed by invasive mining,” he said.

“We’ll be erecting signs on the surveyed roads to demonstrate our strong wish to protect our neighbourhoods from destructive activities that threaten our land, water and the health of locals.”

WHERE:           Goomburra Hall, Goomburra

WHAT:             Community Mining Free Declaration Day

WHEN:              2.30 pm Saturday, July 25

WHO:               Senator Glenn Lazarus, Southern Downs Protection Group, concerned locals and others

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