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Senator Lazarus joins top Q&A panel after anti-coal seam gas movie, Frackman

Queensland Senator Glenn Lazarus will join an expert Q&A panel after the anti-CSG movie, Frackman in Brisbane on Wednesday night.

Senator Lazarus joins Q&A panel host, reporter Mike Munro, Lock the Gate Alliance’s Drew Hutton, star of the movie Dayne Pratzky and Western Downs farmer, Narelle Nothdurft.

The award-winning movie tells the story of ‘accidental activist’, Dayne Pratzky and his struggle against international gas companies at the Tara and Chinchilla area of Queensland.

In the movie, Pratzky embarks on a journey that transforms him from conservative pig-shooter to sophisticated global activist as “The Frackman”. He meets the people drawn into a battle that is crossing the ideological divide, bringing together a peculiar alliance of farmers, activists and political conservatives against powerful csg companies.

Queensland State and Federal politicians have been invited to the special screening and Drew Hutton said all politicians should see the movie.

“Queensland is being wrecked by coal seam gas and the politicians just aren’t listening to the farmers and communities the industry is impacting,” he said.

“CSG is taking over our precious farmland and threatening our water supply and it’s about time our politicians opened their eyes and ears to this irreparable damage.”

Narelle and Nood Nothdurft, parents of 11 children, live in the middle of gasfields at Chinchilla on their 350 hectare property. “The impact on our family has been huge and the gas industry has literally ruined our lives and our health,” Narelle said.

WHERE:               Palace Centro, 39 James St, Fortitude Valley

WHEN:                 From 6.30pm, Wednesday July 22

WHO:                   Senator Glenn Lazarus, Drew Hutton, Narelle Nothdurft, Dayne Pratzky, Mike Munro

WHAT:                 Q&A panel after the screening of Frackman, the Movie


Tara gasfields  Tara gasfields

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