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springvale.jpgWe need the Premier to let the Land and Environment Court do its job when it comes to the Springvale coal mine and the protection of Sydney’s drinking water catchment.

In August, the NSW Court of Appeal ruled that the Springvale coal mine needed to comply with the requirement that all developments in Sydney’s drinking water catchment ensure they have a “neutral or beneficial effect” on the quality of the water in our pristine catchment.

The Land and Environment Court now needs to decide what orders to issue.

While it considers what to do, the mine is still operating, still sending coal to Mount Piper power station and the coal is still being burnt.

So why is the Government saying its going to rush legislation through parliament this week to let the Springvale coal mine off the hook and weaken drinking water protections?

We need to tell the Premier to let the Court do its work and not compromise Sydney’s drinking water for a rogue coal mine that should have cleaned up its act years ago. 

Please visit her contact page and leave a message urging her to protect Sydney’s water


Here are some tips: 

  • The Springvale coal mine is still operating, and it and the power station has stockpiles of coal. There’s no need for rash action.

  • Keeping the catchment pristine is more important than letting a rogue coal mine off the hook for pollution. Please don’t weaken our laws to suit Springvale coal mine.

  • New South Wales is mining more coal than ever before. Please show some leadership and make Centennial Coal source coal from elsewhere if the Springvale mine needs to close. This is in the interests of protecting Sydney’s water.

  • This debacle is another case of poor government planning for energy and resources. How can we be mining more coal than ever before, and hearing alarm about shortages?

  • We need laws that make Sydney’s drinking water catchment a no-go zone for coal mining and a plan to secure affordable and reliable energy from renewable sources.

Visit her contact page here to send your message.

Let us know what she says in the comments section below!


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  • Mark Lucas
    commented 2017-10-11 14:48:59 +1100
    bog-standard buck-passing bull… (exactly the same response as a recent Westconnex communication)

    Dear Mr Lucas
    Thank you for your correspondence of 10 October 2017 regarding Springvale mine. I am replying on behalf of the Premier and I appreciate you expressing your views on this matter.
    As the matter raised falls under the primary responsibility of the Minister for Planning, it is appropriate that the Minister considers your correspondence and I have forwarded it accordingly.
    If you have any further enquiries about this matter, please contact the Office of The Hon Anthony Roberts MP on (02) 8574 5600.
    Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to the Government’s attention. Yours sincerely
    Jonathan O’Dea MP
    Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier and Treasurer CC: Minister for Planning
  • Dean Draper
    published this page in Coalmines 2017-10-09 14:54:59 +1100


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