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Stand Strong for Country

Kudij Karrilyi – Stand Strong for Country Gathering

The communities of Marlinja and Elliot invite families and supporters to participate in a historic gathering on Jingili country from October 6-8th2017. The gathering will take place at Spellbore campground, 25kms north of Elliot in the Northern Territory.

This historic gathering will bring together Elders and young people from neighbouring regions who share songlines for the protection of our water and country, currently under threat from plans by the NT Government and gas companies to frack in our homelands; what they are now calling the ‘Beetaloo sub-Basin’.

Eleanor Dixon, a Mudburra Garawa custodian and organiser of the event explains the significance of the threat and community response:

“Our region, which companies are calling the Beetaloo-sub Basin, is blanketed by applications and permits for shale gas fracking, a dangerous type of mining that puts the health of our land, water, communities and culture at risk.

There are plans for thousands of fracked shale gas wells surrounding our home country of Marlinja and connected through under and above ground waterways that travel the length of the country. Fracking in these areas would risk the health of all connected waterways and risk the health of people and country in one irresponsible, short sighted and greedy move by the government and major corporations Pangea, Origin and Santos.”

Raymond Dixon from Marlinja is hosting the event on country:

“Our songlines are carried through the underground and surface waterways. Beetaloo got kudjika (song line) that flows through. At the end of the song they put them down in the water. We have to maintain the health of the waterways. That water is alive through the song line. If that water isn’t there the songlines will die too. If that fracking happens and brings poison it will make it worse.”

Kudij Karrilyi will bring together traditional and contemporary musicians, dancers and our communities to reconnect youth and Elders with our culture, and create a strong shared plan for the protection of our region from invasive fracking.

Note: Participants must be self-sufficient with camping gear to attend. Meals are provided. Some transport support for families is available by contacting Eleanor on 0487 504 095 or Edi on 0477 276 628.

Any supporters wishing to attend must get in contact first by calling Lauren on 0413 534 125 or by email at [email protected]



October 06, 2017 a las 9am
hasta October 08, 2017 at 9:00am a las 9am
Spellbore Campground
Lauren · · 0413 534 125

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  • Pedro Gerasimon
    commented 2021-06-05 12:36:07 +1000
    In a free market world investors drive the trend. I see little future in gas when renewables are becoming cheaper by the day. Fracking is absolute destruction and devastation . Patagonia, Argentina is only few years ahead of us in terms of destruction. STOP FRACKING!