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Stand with Bulga

Bulga has been offered a lifeline – help them grab it!

We need you to come to Singleton again for Bulga. And this time, we might actually be able to succeed. 

A last-minute change to the State's mining policy, and an unprecedented second Planning and Assessment review to take account of the change means the village of Bulga has been given a lifeline, and the expansion of Warkworth mine could be stopped. 

Will you show Bulga your support in Singleton at the public hearing of this crucial second review panel? 


September 07, 2015
8:30am - 4:30pm
Singleton Civic Centre, Queen Street, Singleton
Susan Marie Effenberger Kate Smolski Lynden Jacobi Maureen Cowley Emma Giles Natalie Masterton Wilhelm Bennett Isaac Astill Mason Andy Vahid Roser Daisy Barham Bradley Casson Bronwyn Vost Veronica Corbett Peter Donley Kate Ausburn Suzie Gold Maria Pye Robert McLaughlin Eloise Baker Holly Creenaune Vanessa Bowden Nell Schofield James Whelan Alison Orme AnneMaree McLaughlin Sacha Greenaway Stephanie Rosling Steff Wong George Woods

Will you come?