Queensland - Plan to Grow Queensland Campaign

Plan to Grow is a project to bring regional people, businesses, and organisations together to diversify Queensland's economies, create jobs and plan for the future.

They advocating for community-driven regional plans for Queensland that will:

  • Nurture and grow new industries and new jobs
  • Advance our traditional sustainable industries
  • Provide new opportunities and skills for young people
  • Strengthen our communities and reduce the cost of living
  • Protect key assets which are the foundation of our regional economies

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New South Wales- #Time2choose

time to choose, clean air, water, land lock the gate alliance, new south wales, coal, coal seam gas

New South Wales is blessed with rich fertile farmland, clean fresh water and beautiful rural landscapes. Yet all this is at risk!

The combined impacts of eleven new and expanded coal mine projects in New South Wales is bigger than Adani’s infamous coal mine proposed for Central Queensland.

Our state is at a cross-roads and regional communities want clean air, secure water and jobs. We can choose to have all three if we work together.                            

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Western Australia- Frack Free WA Campaign

fracking, gasfield free, lock the gate alliance, mid west, western australiaFrom Broome to Bunbury and beyond, vast areas of Western Australia are covered in gas licenses and under threat from fracking and shale and tight gas extraction!

Landholders and communities across WA are locking the gate to companies wanting to frack for shale and tight gas across farmlands, water supply areas and iconic natural landscapes.

Learn more about the threat of fracking and unconventional gas production in Western Australia at the dedicated Frack Free WA website here!

Get all the latest news and events about the Frack Free WA campaign here on the Dont Frack WA website.

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Northern Territory- Frack Free NT Campaign

Shale gas fracking licences and applications cover over 100 million hectares of the Northern Territory.

Areas under threat include recreational fishing spots from Fogg Dam to Kakadu, and approved exploration licences surround the iconic Mataranka Hot Springs on three sides.

The shale/tight gas industry in the NT is in the early stages of development and pushing hard for a large scale expansion of production gasfields, with a gas pipeline to the east coast already approved and under construction. 

Learn more about the community campaign to protect the Northern Territory from fracking at the dedicated Frack Free NT website.

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