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Stinky Awards Panel

Welcome to the inaugural Stinky Awards! For decades, Queensland’s coal mines have been leaking polluting methane from their coal mines - millions and millions of tonnes of it a year - causing all the devastating impacts of climate change. And the coal companies have kept it quiet - just letting all this gas escape without properly measuring it or controlling it.

We thought it high time to make sure that the coal industry’s contribution to Queensland’s domestic greenhouse emissions wasn’t going unnoticed. Glencore, Anglo-American and BMA, they’re all big on the world stage, selling their coal to customers in Asia, India and Europe. But they’re also heating up the Sunshine State and making it nearly impossible to achieve our climate targets.

The Stinky Awards are all about sniffing out these climate criminals so Queenslanders know who is driving the climate crisis that is creating ever more severe droughts, floods, and cyclones. These severe weather events harm the great lifestyle Queenslanders cherish. 

On 26th July we’ll deliver giant blow-up poo emojis to the Brisbane offices of three of the gassiest coal mining companies operating in the Sunshine State. There are five categories:

The Thunder Down Under: awarded to the company with the highest cumulative emissions across its operations. 2023 Winner: Anglo American.

The Silent but Deadly: Awarded to the company most notorious for underreporting methane emissions. 2023 winner: Glencore for its Hail Creek coal mine. State of the art methane detecting satellites revealed Hail Creek produced ten times more methane than it reported to authorities.

The Dutch Oven: Awarded to the company that owns the coal mine with the highest individual on-site emissions. 2023 winner: Anglo American for its Moranbah North mine, which produced two million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (net) last year according to the Clean Energy Regulator.