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Stepping up to stop gas subsidies

The Federal Labor Government is sending mixed messages on gas subsidies, and we need to act now to push for an end to the terrible gas rorts started under the Morrison Government.

Please get involved today to:

1. Sign up for a short, 45 minute webinar next Wednesday, 7th September at 5.30pm. We will give you all the information you need to meet with your local Labor MP, or write to your local newspaper if you don’t have a Labor MP.  

Even if you can’t make it to the webinar, if you register now we will send you everything you need to meet your MP and will call you to talk you through it.


2. Send an email right NOW to the Prime Minister and Treasurer, asking them to crackdown on wasteful spending on giant gas corporations and rule out future gas subsidies.

Some points you might like to make:

  1. The Morrison Government announced up to $2.5B in subsidies for gas companies as part of the it’s so-called ‘gas-fired recovery’.  This is a terrible waste of taxpayer dollars and should be cut as part of the Treasurers crackdown on the waste and rorts of the former Government.
  2. The new Government should cut any gas subsidies announced but not yet spent by the Morrison Government and should also rule out any new gas subsidies.
  3. A lot of this money is to support gas companies to develop carbon capture and storage to ‘offset’ gas emissions, but this is a very expensive, unproven technology that should not be paid for by taxpayers.  
  4. The community has spelt out in detail the many positive initiatives, that would not contribute to carbon emissions and global warming, that urgently require funding, including in health and housing in remote communities, regenerative agriculture and renewable energy.




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  • Caroline Graham
    commented 2022-08-31 18:10:25 +1000
    Didn’t Australian people show that climate change is their major concern in the last election? Can the Labor government continue to give over $2 billion of our money to subsidise gas projects ? Or carbon capture and storage, which we know is too expensive and unproven? If millions homeless in Pakistan right now, on top of our own huge floods, isn’t a wake up call re fossil fuels, what is ? More bushfires, rising sea levels ? Get moving or resign for the sake of our children !
  • Leonardo Ortega
    commented 2022-08-31 13:53:43 +1000
    We saw this coming. How is the Labor government different from the Liberal government? They are BOTH NEOLIBERAL and submitted to the Western powers that have reduced “Democracy” to a word without meaning.
    The TWO PARTY SYSTEM is the CORE PROBLEM, we need a true democracy, a classic capitalism or a democratic socialism, which are practically the same.