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Pledge to stop Origin fracking outback Australia

Origin Energy is lining up to frack the Northern Territory this year, and in the firing line are some magical places, including water recharge zones of Mataranka Hot Springs.

Origin has also expanded their plans to drill thousands of gas wells across Queensland, and to frack for oil and gas in the precious Kimberley region of WA. Traditional Owners have told us that Origin Energy has ignored their concerns about fracking and not properly laid out the risks involved.

Fracking is a disaster for the landscape, communities and waterways. Plus it unleashes massive emissions of methane, a greenhouse gas, and fuels global warming.

We need to build a powerful movement of people willing to spread the word and take on Origin Energy at every level, from their head offices to their board rooms.


I will stand up and be a part of the massive people-powered movement to stop Origin Energy’s plans to frack across Australia.

Sign the pledge here and help stop Origin from fracking Australia.


10,000 Signatures

7,535 Signatures

Will you sign?