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Stop Origin Fracking

Origin Energy in Australia has a shady history. It’s been implicated in causing rivers to bubble like spa baths due to gas drilling. They’ve failed to comply with environmental rules. Many farmers bores have run dry due to Origin CSG drilling. Farmers from Queensland have spoken out bravely about Origin’s poor corporate behaviour and bullying.

Now, Origin have their sights on expanding their destructive practices into the Northern Territory, with fracking exploration wells due to start this year.

Can you help spread the word? Watch and share his short, heartfelt video message far and wide


People should have the final say about what happens to their land, but Origin Energy has ignored the concerns of Traditional Owners in the NT and failed to tell communities about the risks involved with fracking.

We want to hold Origin to account for their dangerous gas drilling activities right across the country. Right now, we want to stop them fracking in the Northern Territory.