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Stop the government from fast tracking Acland Stage 3 Approval

Please ring the Premier’s office today and tell them not to approve the Acland Stage 3 coal mine while it has a massive legal cloud hanging over it.

Call the Premier's Office now on (07) 3719 7000 

When you ring the number it is will be answered by an office assistant.  Ask to talk to an adviser, and failing that, ask to have your message passed on to the Premier.

Please be calm and polite.  Ask them to write down your name and address and to ensure the message is passed on urgently to the Premier. Let us know how you went in the comments below.

Points to make:

  • Ask them to assure you that the Minister will not be approving Acland Stage 3 until the legal investigation of Stage 2 is complete
  • The Department of Environment and Science is currently investigating New Hope for illegal mining at Acland Stage 2 and it would be a travesty to approve Stage 3 until that is complete.
  • Ask them not to approve the project while the community is still in the appeal period to decide whether it should challenge the mine in the High Court.
  • Finally, ask them not to classify the mine as a ‘prescribed project’ because it would be disgraceful to fast track groundwater approvals for the mine while farmers are struggling with a terrible drought.

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