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Sydney Volunteer Information Night

You are invited to join Lock The Gate for an important volunteer information night 6pm next Thursday 18 August, Level 14/338 Pitt Street, Sydney.

Last Sunday over 200 people from over 40 communities assembled in Sydney Domain to tell the NSW Government that our communities will no longer be pushed around by big coal and gas companies. Indigenous elders, land owners, and business leaders stood together and asked for help from people here in Sydney to protect communities from increasing coal and gas expansion. 

For the people of Bulga who have been fighting for over six years the time has come to say enough is enough, if we don’t act now their town may cease to exist. The call for Sydney people to become more involved in the movement to stop coal and gas expansion was very clear.

“I’ve never asked for help in my life but I'm asking for your help now, we need to build our numbers if we are to win this” said Uncle Kevin Taggart, Wonnorua Elder, Bulga.

Will you now join us in building this movement in Sydney to support coal and gas affected communities across NSW? Please RSVP.

Campaign Information Night
Sydney Lock The Gate Office
6pm, Thursday 18 August
Level 14/ 338 Pitt Street

This Lock The Gate Alliance volunteer information night will give Sydney supporters the chance to: 

  • Discuss how we can best help coal affected communities across NSW with Craig Shaw, Secretary of Bylong Valley Protection Alliance. 
  • Learn new skills that will help us all to better support communities online and offline with Danny Adams, Digital Campaign Coordinator, Lock The Gate Alliance.
  • Get active within your own community group in Sydney to support coal and gas affected communities with Sally Kennedy, Volunteer Coordinator, Lane Cove Coal and Gas Watch.

 “All the communities in the coal fields are working together to support each other. But knowing that we have support from people in Sydney and across NSW helps us to keep on keeping on,” Bev Smiles, Wollar Progress Association. 

For the past five years Lock The Gate Alliance has been working with coal and gas affected communities across Australia and now more than ever we need to build our movement in the cities. If we can mount a united movement here in Sydney we can pressure government and industry decision makers to concede to community demands.

“This isn’t about one area, it’s about all of NSW, all of Australia. The golden rule is never give up! In the end when we drive these coal projects into a position where they’re no longer financially viable, they’re no longer politically viable. That’s when we win.” Peter Martin, Coal Free Southern Highlands

Will you help us stand up to the social and environmental impacts of coal upon our communities, our land and our water?

Join us in Sydney at the Lock The Gate office on Thursday 18 August at 6pm on Level 14/ 338 Pitt Street for a campaign information night.

August 18, 2016
6pm - 8pm
Lock The Gate Office
338 Pitt St
Level 14
Sydney, NSW 2000
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Will you come?

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    Please RSVP: Sydney Volunteer Information Night
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