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Tamboran’s Middle Arm land allocation proves $1.5B in federal funds were always intended as a fracking subsidy

Confirmation from Tamboran that it has “secured” 170 hectares at the Middle Arm petrochemical precinct in Darwin Harbour proves beyond all doubt that the publicly-funded facility will exist to artificially prop up a Northern Territory fracking industry.

Tamboran’s ASX statement says the land “is expected to host a (fracked gas) development with an initial capacity of 6.6 million tonnes of LNG per annum, with the potential for expansion”.

Tamboran was fined $6,500 in January this year for using more than 300,000 litres of drilling sump waste water for dust suppression.

The Northern Territory’s environmental regulator has also reportedly launched an investigation into allegations that heavy metal contaminants such lead and barium have since been found in a nearby cattle breeding paddock.

Frack Free NT spokesperson Phil Scott said, “This announcement confirms what groups like ours have been saying since day one - that the government-provided $1.5 billion for the Middle Arm Precinct will be a taxpayer funded subsidy for fracking companies like Tamboran.

“This is the Albanese and Fyles Government working hand in fist to artificially create a market for fracked gas when otherwise, it’s unlikely production scale fracking would be economically justifiable in the Territory.

“These governments have claimed that they won’t support fracked gas projects if they don’t stack up environmentally, socially, or economically, but here they are sinking scarce public funds into a risky, climate-wrecking project regardless.

“Tamboran is a multinational company, with a billionaire backer - there’s no way Australian taxpayer dollars should be used to support its polluting fracking plans.”

Lock the Gate Alliance National Coordinator Carmel Flint said, “We call on the Albanese Government to take immediate action to stop Tamboran accessing a facility that will be built using taxpayer funds.

“It’s appalling that new fossil fuel projects like fracking are even being considered as we teeter on the brink of climate catastrophe, but for public money to be spent facilitating them during a cost of living crisis is totally unacceptable.”


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