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Published: June 20, 2017

time to choose, clean air, water, land lock the gate alliance, new south wales, coal, coal seam gasIn the course of 2019, it’s time to carve out our own positive future. Our time to choose: clean food, clean water and clean energy!

New South Wales is blessed with rich fertile farmland, clean fresh water and beautiful rural landscapes. But all of that is at risk if we don't choose to safeguard it.

Our land, our water and our health has been damaged by coal and gas mining. Our rural villages torn apart and democracy compromised. 

Get involved in this new campaign to choose one state united across city and country, founded on clean food and water and a safe climate.                                           

The combined impacts of eleven new and expanded coal mine projects in New South Wales is bigger than Adani’s infamous coal mine proposed for Central Queensland. Read more in our report here.

Get involved now to create a sustainable future for our state. A future of vibrant communities and diverse economies with jobs in agriculture, clean energy and knowledge and service industries.


  • JOIN THE BALLOT BLITZ: Can you help us get to 20,000 ballots cast in the People's Referendum? We have all the materials you need to start collecting votes right here.


  • VOLUNTEER IN YOUR LOCAL AREA: Join people around the state in local activities to protect farmland and water and spread the Time2Choose message by registering to volunteer here.


Hover over the image below to view a slide show of the massive 10,000 people strong Time2Choose rally in Sydney on March 24th 2018 (click on image to view slideshow in Flickr)

What are we asking for?

The Time2Choose campaign is seeking practical and crucial reforms to protect land and water, restore balance and stop inappropriate coal and CSG development. You can read our 12 point list of demands here.

Time to choose 2018


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