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Water is Life: Don't Frack Northern Australia

Fracking poses a massive risk to water – iconic Northern Territory water sources like the mighty Roper River and the recharge zones for the Mataranka Hot Springs are under threat, as is the Fitzroy River catchment in the Kimberley in Western Australia. 

But measures in place in national environmental laws to assess the impacts of gas drilling on water resources, do not apply to fracking in Northern Australia. That means there is no independent expert assessment of water impacts and no decision by the Federal Environment Minister. 

The Federal Labor Government promised before the last election to fix this gaping loophole, but they haven't delivered yet.  Traditional Owners and residents from across northern Australia are calling for urgent action to keep that promise.

Sign this petition to Environment Minister Plibersek today to get urgent reforms so that the impacts of gas fracking on water sources is independently assessed under national environment laws.

Dear Minister Plibersek,

Thank you for committing to expand the water trigger to cover shale and tight gas fracking as part of the national environmental law reforms.

However, we can’t wait until next year to get our water protected, because gas companies are pushing ahead to get gas production approvals this year.

We’re calling on you to bring forward the expanded water trigger now, so that the severe risk fracking poses to water is properly assessed by independent experts before any gas production occurs.

Please respect Territorians and West Australians who want the same protections for water that exist for east coast gas activities.

Signed sincerely,

Who's signing
Peter Novotny
Meredith Kefford
Angus Muir
Tracey Hamilton
Clyde Andrews
Angela Butler
Lyndall Rowley
Timothy Mullen
Michael McNelis
Marguerite Marshall
Chris Brownell
Robert Hertel
Fred Engels
June Martin
Lee Kemp
Lynda Gray
Pauline Hewitt
Marilyn Marsden
Elliat Rich
Simon Blau
Martin A O'Connell
Levr Lang
Merv Renton
John Marshall
Sue Hoffman
Ruth Thompson
Peter Limb
Pat Boag
Eric Fah
Ronald Lloyd

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  • Peter Novotny
    signed 2023-08-29 17:27:38 +1000
  • Meredith Kefford
    signed 2023-08-29 17:27:34 +1000
  • Angus Muir
    signed 2023-08-29 17:27:29 +1000
  • Tracey Hamilton
    signed 2023-08-29 17:27:26 +1000
  • Clyde Andrews
    signed 2023-08-29 17:27:07 +1000
  • Angela Butler
    signed 2023-08-29 17:27:02 +1000
  • Lyndall Rowley
    signed 2023-08-29 17:26:57 +1000
  • Timothy Mullen
    signed 2023-08-29 17:26:33 +1000
  • Michael McNelis
    signed 2023-08-29 17:26:30 +1000
    Stop all fracking in Australia now.
  • Marguerite Marshall
    signed 2023-08-29 17:26:25 +1000
  • Chris Brownell
    signed 2023-08-29 17:26:19 +1000
  • Robert Hertel
    signed 2023-08-29 17:26:00 +1000

    Companies don’t follow procedures and protocols. If this government think fracking is low risk they are kidding themselves. Maybe in the future we can find a way but for now it’s an SOLID NO Artesian waters are at risk and that’s our food bowl humans and animals.
  • Fred Engels
    signed 2023-08-29 17:25:54 +1000
    The work will become harder and thirstier as we go!
  • June Martin
    signed 2023-08-29 17:25:38 +1000
  • Lee Kemp
    signed 2023-08-29 17:25:36 +1000
  • Lynda Gray
    signed 2023-08-29 17:25:26 +1000
  • Pauline Hewitt
    signed 2023-08-29 17:25:23 +1000
  • Marilyn Marsden
    signed 2023-08-29 17:24:58 +1000
    This is a disgraceful incident, unlikely to be the first or last. This cannot be overlooked.
  • Elliat Rich
    signed 2023-08-29 17:24:57 +1000
  • Simon Blau
    signed 2023-08-29 17:24:30 +1000
  • Martin A O'Connell
    signed 2023-08-29 17:24:28 +1000
  • Levr Lang
    signed 2023-08-29 17:24:25 +1000
    Yes definitely. It is frightening how the NT Govt appears to not listen to ANY legitimate concerns and dismisses everything raised … and only trusts what gas companies say… not the people living and working there.
  • Merv Renton
    signed 2023-08-29 17:24:23 +1000
  • John Marshall
    signed 2023-08-29 17:24:23 +1000
  • Sue Hoffman
    signed 2023-08-29 17:24:17 +1000
  • Ruth Thompson
    signed 2023-08-29 17:24:16 +1000
  • Peter Limb
    signed 2023-08-29 17:24:06 +1000
  • Pat Boag
    signed 2023-08-29 17:23:51 +1000
  • Eric Fah
    signed 2023-08-29 17:23:32 +1000
  • Ronald Lloyd
    signed 2023-08-29 17:23:18 +1000
    Blind Freddie & Dummy Dora are aware of the dangers of fracking, especially those unregulated, money hungry operations. Please take action to stop this travesty.