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Whitehaven Coal Mine Expansion

Whitehaven Coal is seeking approval from the Independent Planning Commission for a huge new expansion of its Narrabri coal mine.

  • This mine expansion will affect productive farmland and damage significant areas of the Pilliga forest, which is home to many threatened species;
  • The Pilliga is Gomeroi country and damage from the mine will directly affect cultural values, including potential cracking and damage to a well-preserved grinding groove site. 
  • It will cause local farmers to lose precious groundwater, with at least nine farm bores and probably more being affected, and reduce the availability of water to parts of the Pilliga. 
  • It adjoins the Narrabri CSG project and will lead to massive cumulative impacts if both proceed.
  • The project will release 34 million tonnes of greenhouse gases locally and a further 456 million tonnes when the coal is burnt, which will fuel climate change.
  • It will become the second most polluting mine in NSW for direct greenhouse emissions and is inconsistent with NSW Government emission reduction targets for 2030 and 2050
  • The local community is reeling from the social impacts of Whitehaven’s coal mines and made it clear to the company the project is too damaging and should not proceed. 

Submissions are now closed, but you can find our full submission guide here