About Lock the Gate Alliance

shutthegate.pngThe Lock the Gate Alliance was formed in 2010 following community meetings in New South Wales and Queensland. All over the eastern states, people were raising concern about the rapid expansion of coal and coal seam gas development. A declaration was made: farmers would lock their gates to these rapacious industries.

Four years on and the Alliance continues to gain momentum with rural and urban communities all over Australia stepping up to defend our land, water, and future from the invasive coal and coal seam gas industries. Click here to learn more about the history of Lock the Gate Alliance.

sydneynogas.pngWe are a movement of thousands, and our mission is to protect Australia’s natural, environmental, cultural and agricultural resources from inappropriate mining and to educate and empower all Australians to demand sustainable solutions to food and energy production.

Click here to learn about our guiding principles and our central aims.


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Lock the Gate Alliance is a national grassroots organisation made up of thousands of individuals and over 160 local groups who are concerned about inappropriate mining. Learn more.

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