Get involved with the movement to protect Australia from risky coal mining and gas fracking!

Don’t Frack Up Australia

We’re calling on all Parliamentarians to support renewable energy and battery storage, and stop shipping our domestic gas offshore.

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Join us to choose a new direction in NSW! A future of vibrant communities and diverse economies with jobs in agriculture, clean energy, knowledge and service industries.

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Protect the Top End

Fracking giants have their sights set on the surrounds of the Northern Territory’s Mataranka Hot Springs. Help us protect our iconic landscapes & tourism hotspots!

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Switch your power

Right now in Australia, many power companies are investing in unconventional gas mining. However, you don’t have to get your power from these suppliers!

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Abandoned Mines

Currently there are some 50,000 abandoned mines across the country. The companies have simply walked away and left the sites un-rehabilitated and are a huge toxic mess.

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Adani Coal Mine

Adani's proposed mega-mine in central QLD will permanently alter the landscape with a disturbance footprint of 28,000ha- an area greater in size than North Stradbroke Island.

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Who is Lock the Gate?

We are a national grassroots organisation of people committed to delivering sustainable solutions to Australia’s food and energy needs. Our vision is of healthy, empowered communities which have fair, democratic processes available to them to protect their land and water.

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Australia under threat

With the current expansion in unconventional gas extraction, fracking and open cut coal, the risk to Australia's land and water resources from mining has never been greater! Our best food-producing lands, our finest natural areas and some of our most important water resources are all at risk.

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