Lock The Gate Alliance is a national coalition of people from across Australia, including farmers, traditional custodians, conservationists and urban residents, who are uniting to protect our common heritage - our land, water and communities - from unsafe or inappropriate mining for coal seam gas and other fossil fuels. Read more about the missions and principles of Lock the Gate.

Our best food-producing lands and our finest natural areas are at risk from unsafe coal mining, coal seam gas and other forms of unconventional gas extraction. 54% of Australia is covered by coal and gas licences or applications. Nowhere is sacred and nothing is safe. Learn more..

Coal mines and gasfields are harming peoples health, destroying their quality of life and dividing communities. Learn more..
Our Future
Unsafe mining is threatening drinking water catchments, underground water supplies and creeks and rivers. Learn more..
Communities are choosing peaceful action, and grace under fire, to protect their families and the land they love. Learn more..

Newcastle coal and gas action group meeting

Wednesday, December 03, 2014 at 05:30 PM
Hunter Community Environment Centre

Want to get involved in coal and gas protests, activism and action in the Hunter region? Curious about what Lock the Gate does? Got a few hours a week to spare to help communities facing inappropriate mining? Come along to the first of our fortnightly coal and gas action group meetings. 

Lock the Gate has welcomed the prioritisation of water security in the Upper Hunter by Infrastructure NSW in their Infrastructure Strategy Update today, saying it confirms findings the of the Alliance’s own report, “Unfair Shares,” released earlier this year that agricultural industries in the Hunter Region are being made vulnerable...

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