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Polluting gas fracking OR renewables and battery storage? Tell the government what you want!

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Let’s choose a new direction for NSW- with vibrant communities, clean energy and sustainable industries.

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Gas companies want to frack the outback! Support the campaign to protect our tourism hotspots!

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Support renewable power generation! Choose an electricity supplier that does not invest in coal seam gas and fracking.

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No More Toxic Mines

There are 50,000+ abandoned mines across Australia! Don’t let mining companies walk away from their toxic mess.

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Adani Coal Mine

This mega-mine in central QLD will put groundwater at risk and permanently alter the landscape. Help us stop Adani!

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Learn more about Lock the Gate Alliance and the coal and gas threat in Australia:

Who is Lock the Gate?

We are a diverse grass roots alliance committed to delivering sustainable solutions to Australia’s food and energy needs. Our supporters include farmers, traditional custodians, conservationists and urban residents.

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Under Threat

Coal seam gas, shale gas fracking and open cut coal mining projects are expanding around Australia. Our best food-producing lands, finest natural areas and most important water resources are all at risk!

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  •     Latest Media Releases...

    Relief for Farmers, Community As Department Rejects Acland Coal Mine

    Local farmers and community groups have welcomed the decision by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science (DES) to reject the Acland Stage 3 coal mine on the Darling Downs. The decision follows a recommendation by the Land Court last year that an Environmental Authority should not be granted for the mine expansion primarily because of the impacts on groundwater, noise and intergenerational equity. 
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    Public hearing for United Wambo super mine goes ahead despite crucial lack of information

    Lock the Gate accuses Department of Planning of bogus biodiversity offset “stitch-up” despite extinction risk Opaque mine assessment process is failing to address cumulative impact A public hearing for the latest large new coal mine proposed for the Hunter Valley will take place in Singleton today, despite crucial information not being available about the project’s cumulative impact, leading to accusations the Department of Planning is failing in its duty to the public
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