Revealed: Upper Hunter mine will run aquifer dry

The Lock the Gate Alliance has commissioned new research into the availability of water in the Upper Hunter following revelations today that the Bylong Coal Project will not be able to meet its demand for water from an important alluvial aquifer.

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IPART will allow gas companies to slug consumers

IPART have released a draft report today proposing to allow gas companies to ramp up prices paid by NSW consumers from July.  The report admits that prices are being increased because the export of coal seam gas from Queensland has linked domestic gas prices to international prices.

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Maules Creek Coal Mine: Police Roadblocks stop parishioners going to church on Good Friday

Maules Creek residents have been stopped from attending Good Friday Church services due to NSW Police road blocks near Boggabri in the north of the state.

Long term Maules Creek resident and Boggabri Parishioner, Wilma Laird, was told to go home or make the trip via Narrabri increasing the round trip by 160 kms.

"If I went via Narrabri, there was no chance I could make the 11 o'clock service in time. I just had to go home" said Mrs Laird.

"I have been attending Good Friday services in the Boggabri Parish for 77 years and I've never been stopped at a Police road block before. It's outrageous."

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Lock the Gate calls on new NSW Premier to clean out the lobbyists

The Lock the Gate Alliance has congratulated Mike Baird on becoming Premier of NSW, and called on him to immediately act on outstanding recommendations from the ICAC to clean up the systemic and corrupting influence of corporate lobbyists on policy.

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Vandals? Miners need to look closer to home

By Phil Laird

NSW Minerals Council head Stephen Galilee (The Australian, April 14, page 21) is right in calling for economic vandals to be jailed. The heads of some of the coal mining companies he represents could do with some time to ­reflect on the economic and environmental vandalism their careless practices are doing.

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