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  • Friday, November 13, 2015 at 11:00 AM through November 28, 2015
    Fire Station Print Studio in Armadale, Australia

    Bronwyn Rees "Protection" Exhibition

    13 – 28 NOVEMBER 2015

    OPENING EVENT: Saturday 14 November, 2.00 – 4.00pm

    50% of proceeds from sales at the event will be going to Lock the Gate Alliance.

    Over the past 15 years of creative practice, Bronwyn Rees has focused on making richly textured prints that express her particular vision of Australia’s landscapes and wilderness areas.  Evoking the inherent beauty and importance of these natural spaces, Rees communicates a poignant environmental message that is aptly conveyed in the title of her forthcoming exhibition: Protection.

    This exhibition features a selection of key works created by Rees over the past five years as Artist in Residence at the Firestation Print Studio, a not-for-profit open access print studio, gallery and artist studio complex in Melbourne’s inner south-east.

    Through her meandering lines and expressive mark-making Rees translates the visual qualities of place, along with the wild, unseen energies bound up in the locations she chooses to represent. As an Australian with European cultural heritage, Rees also ponders ideas surrounding identity within her work, and the notion of viewing the landscape from the outside looking in. 

    All non-indigenous landscape art is essentially a mediated view of nature, yet Rees seeks to go beyond pure representation and convey a deeper notion of humanity’s connection to the earth, and the importance to retain it in modern life.

    “I am always trying to tell a story about Australian identity – as a third generation colonial import of undistinguished lineage, this is a slippery thing to try and grab…  For me, I feel most Australian when walking and camping in the bush, my humanity slipping away and becoming smaller and more fragile. Feeling the power, space and ferocity of our wilderness.”  

    - Bronwyn Rees, 2015

    Informed by this emotional, psychological and spiritual experience of the natural world, and her place within it, Rees uses etching and drypoint printmaking techniques to vividly capture the uninhibited spirit that characterizes the Australian bush.


    Bronwyn Rees image details: The Optimistic Crow, etching colour multiplate, 55 x 55 cm, Memory Box, drypoint on acetate, 106 x 76 cm, Motherland, etching, 56 x 76 cm, Nanango II, etching, 56 x 76 cm

    Bronwyn Rees is a Melbourne based artist who holds a degree in Illustration from the Queensland College of Art. She subsequently undertook a three-year stint at Glasgow Print Workshop, and is currently Artist in Residence at the Firestation Print Studio. 



  • Saturday, November 14, 2015 at 09:00 AM through November 15, 2015 · $20.00 AUD · 34 rsvps
    The Italo Club in North Lismore, Australia

    Lock the Gate Conference & AGM



    Join us at the Lock the Gate – Skill Share Conference

    Skill share sessions will include:

    Build a movement & keep it moving 
    Strategic Campaign Planning 
    Cross-cultural awareness 
    Action that gets results
    Social Media – tips and tricks 
    Beating the government at their own game
    Land & Water Access 
    Risk, Liability & Insurance 
    Media skills 
    Bring fun and creativity into your campaign 
    Nurturing the spirit
    Research & Monitoring 
    Open Space sessions
    Lock the Gate AGM – Last on Sunday

    and more! 

    You will also hear from campaigners from communities across Australia

    and get the latest on what's happening internationally.


    Food - We know people like flexibility so meals will be pay as you go. Meals will cost around $15, and on Saturday night we will be eating out at one of Lismore's best venues. 

    Accommodation - there is plenty of excellent accommodation in Lismore and the surrounding villages, click here to see what's on offer. There will also be Billeting available - if you would like to meet some of the locals, there are plenty of welcoming hosts who are keen to invite you into their home for the weekend. More details will be sent after you register. 

    Cost - we are asking a nominal $20 registration fee to help us bring our excellent presenters to the conference.


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