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  • Thursday, March 30, 2017 at 07:00 PM
    Warren’s Window on the Wetlands at Tiger Bay

    Warren community information session: Western slopes gas pipeline

    Come to this information session to talk about the APA's Western Slopes Pipeline, it's likely impacts and what landholders need to know.

  • Monday, April 03, 2017 at 09:00 AM · 7 rsvps
    Lawn of the Brisbane Magistrates Court in Brisbane City, Australia

    Farmland not Acland Picnic

    Come along to show your support for the Acland Court Case.

    On the lawns of the QLD courts we will be hosting a 'Food Not Coal' morning tea picnic for supporters, the public and court case attendees, during which the Oakey Coal Action Alliance and EDO will be hosting a press conference for the media. We will also have an alternative picnic set up for New Hope, to help them visualise what it looks when coal is chosen over food.

    OCAA is back in court again to fight for their farmland not coal. This has been one of the longest land court cases in Queensland's history. It has already been running for 84 days over the course of the year and now it is being reopened to assess new evidence on the impacts on water.

    New Hope's Acland Stage 3 coal mine expansion has the potential to destroy thousands of acres of important farmland in the darling downs, Brisbane's food bowl. It would also drain billions of litres of groundwater from local aquifers, contribute to climate chaos as well as increase coal dust in the area and along the coal rail line through Ipswich and Brisbane.

    The Acland Stage 3 expansion still needs a number of state approvals. Our government needs to listen to the voices of Queensland and stop letting the fossil fuel industry undermine our democracy. Sign up to volunteer for our QLD election campaign to pressure our government to choose food, water and health over mining. 

  • Thursday, April 06, 2017 at 06:00 PM · 3 rsvps
    Lock the Gate's Sydney office, Level 14, 338 Pitt St, Sydney

    Narrabri Gas Project EIS workshop - Sydney

    Community workshop - Narrabri Gas EIS and the campaign to save NSW from new Coal Seam Gas!

    Now is a critical moment in the campaign to stop the Santos Pilliga Coal Seam Gas project and work towards agreement for no new CSG projects in NSW. Between now and 22 May, the public has an opportunity to submit a formal objection to the gas project in the Pilliga forest. 

    A small amount of your effort at this time will go a long way to help on this issue.  

    Join us at the workshop 6 April, 6pm - 7.30pm

    Join us at this workshop - organised by The Wilderness Society - to hear from campaigners and locals to understand the key issues and find out how you can help. Having a combination of detailed personal submissions and a large number of form submissions will be critical in demonstrating public opposition to the project. 

    On the night, you'll be trained and supported to write the most powerful submission possible and we'll be running through how to help generate dozens or even hundreds more submissions. Together, we can stop CSG in the Pilliga once and for all and be on our way to securing agreement for no new gas in NSW.


    Santos’ plans for an 850 coal seam gas wells in the Pilliga forest have finally been released to the public. It has taken them over 7,000 pages to try and justify this environmental disaster, but they won’t convince many.

    Already this project has caused over 20 toxic spills and leaks including contaminating an aquifer with uranium, and that was during exploration alone! 

    The project would extract over 35 billion litres of toxic groundwater and drill right through the recharge area of the Great Artesian Basin. It would generate tens of thousands of tonnes of salt waste for which Santos has still offered no waste disposal plans. This gasfield would fragment over 90,000 hectares of the the Pilliga forest, industrialising the largest temperate woodland in eastern Australia.

  • Friday, April 07, 2017 at 06:00 PM · $8.00 AUD · 2 rsvps
    The J Upper Foyer Noosa Junction

    Don't Waste the Sandy Strait

  • Tuesday, April 11, 2017 at 10:00 AM · 8 rsvps
    Mudgee Town Hall in Mudgee, Australia

    Stand with Wollar: protect communities from coal mining!


    Wollar residents are fighting to save their village from a major expansion of Peabody's Wilpinjong coal mine. If the mine is approved, it will mean extinction for their community.

    Rally: 10am, Tuesday 11th April, outside Mudgee Town Hall (64 Market St)
    Public meeting: 10:30am, inside the hall. The public meeting will be put on by the NSW Planning Assessment Commission. To register to speak call (02) 9383 2115 before 1pm 6th April. The PAC is the government authority that will soon make the final decision on whether the mine expansion goes ahead, and this is our last chance to influence them. This is Wollar's last stand!

    If you're coming from out of town, why not come up the day before our protest rally and join us for a walking tour, social barbecue, and camp out at Wollar Hall

    Ten years ago the NSW Government approved the Wilpinjong open cut coal mine just a few kilometres from Wollar. Local residents were told the mine would be the best thing that ever happened to their town. It wasn't. The noise and pollution from the mine has since driven away 90% of the population of this once bustling rural community.

    Wollar's remaining residents are determined to revive their community, but now Peabody Energy has applied for a major expansion of the mine, which would bring it right up to the edge of the village.

    Even the NSW Planning Department admits that approving the mine expansion will kill off Wollar for good.  The problem is: they don't care. They want to approve it anyway.

    NSW mining policy is broken, as the Wilpinjong coal mine project shows clearly. There has been no proper social impact assessment for this coal mine. There has been no health impact assessment. There has been no assessment of the cumulative impact of the mine with two other large coal mine projects in the vicinity. This project is opposed by local Aboriginal people because it would permanently destroy over 200 cultural areas, including a highly significant area containing rock art, artefacts, and an ochre quarry.

    Despite all this, NSW government policy will allow this project to be approved. There is no balance in the assessment of coal mines in NSW, the whole system is rigged to ensure that mining companies get the approvals they desire.

    Please join Wollar residents in their fight to save their community, and let's tell the NSW Government it's time to fix up this broken system and put communities before coal!

  • Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 06:00 PM
    Lock the Gate Office in New farm, Australia

    Outreach 101 Workshop

    Are you interested in finding out what it takes to be persuasive? How do we overcome challenges in getting the public to listen to us and take action? 

    With the QLD election coming up and a crunch time for many projects, there is no more an important time to ensure we are being as effective as possible when we are reaching out to the public, friends and family to take action for food and water. This workshop will cover some interesting and important tips and tools based on social psychology for engaging and persuading.

    The workshop will cover:

    - Challenges in creating change.

    - How to frame conversations and make an ask.

    - How to approach the public.  

    - Objection handling. 

    Can't make this workshop but interested in helping out with the election campaign? Sign up to help out here. 



  • Sunday, May 07, 2017 at 02:00 PM · 57 rsvps
    Willoughby Uniting Church in North Willoughby, Australia

    Willoughby Public Forum: The Great Gas Con

    Join us for a free public forum at the Willoughby Uniting Church at 2pm on Sunday May 7

    Australia is set to become the world’s largest exporter of gas, while our farmland and water are being put at risk. The gas industry is duping us into letting them open up the NSW countryside for coal seam gas. But the people of NSW don’t need or want coal seam gas!

    Find out why we’ve got to stop the Narrabri coal seam gas project and support our farmers!

    Speakers include:

    BRUCE ROBERTSON - Gas market expert from Institute of Energy, Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA)

    MEGAN KUHN - Liverpool Plains farmer

    JANET FRANCE - Willoughby Citizen of the Year 2017

    MC SALLY KENNEDY, Lane Cove Coal and Gas Watch

    Join the campaign to protect land, water and communities from invasive gas mining. Learn how you can help stop SANTOS turning Narrabri into a coal seam gas field.

    This event is being sponsored by Lane Cove Coal and Gas Watch and Lock The Gate Alliance



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