Farmers fear Whitehaven may have contaminated river system

Published: February 09, 2020

Landholders living near Whitehaven’s Maules Creek coal mine have been alarmed to find what they say is evidence the company has contaminated the local river system.

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Farmers to fight unfair gas pipeline proposal

Published: February 07, 2020

Fed up farmers and other concerned community members will gather in Quirindi this Saturday to voice their opposition to the Queensland-Hunter gas pipeline.

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Berejiklian Govt Bill will mean billions of tonnes of CO2 are ignored

Published: February 06, 2020

More than 2.1 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide could be ignored by planning authorities if the NSW Government successfully passes its Environmental Planning and Assessment (Territorial Limits) Bill.

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Territorial Limits Bill (Scope 3 carbon emissions) will fuel future climate catastrophe

Published: February 05, 2020

The Berejiklian Government’s Environmental Planning and Assessment (Territorial Limits) Bill will stop consideration of greenhouse gas emissions at a time when they need more than ever to be taken into account.

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Santos’ federal donations must be questioned in light of gas announcement

Published: February 03, 2020

Santos’ donation of nearly $80,000 to the Liberal and National Coalition is deeply concerning given the recent gas announcement as part of the energy deal between NSW and the Federal Government, according to Lock the Gate Alliance.

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