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Gift in Wills

Your legacy for the benefit of future generations.

Helping to preserve our land, water and climate from risky coal and gas mining!

A Gift in your Will helps continue your positive impact for a positive future, to:

  • Protect precious water resources

  • Protect our climate

  • Protect important food producing land

  • Protect our cultural and environmental jewels


4 steps to leave a Gift in Will:

1. Consider the family, friends and charities you would like to remember in your will.

2. Decide what type of donation you would like to leave. Two key options include:

i. Specific bequests: Specify the percentage share that each of your chosen charities receives alongside other bequests, or a specific amount.

ii. Residual bequests: Pass on the remainder to your chosen charities, after other bequests have been fulfilled.

3. Discuss with your legal advisor. Ensure your will is legal by asking a solicitor or estate planner to prepare it.

4. Share your intentions with Lock The Gate >> Share your vision and have a confidential conversation with Sharyn on 0418871412.

All your solicitor needs is our ABN 33 156 099 080. You will need to use our registered name – Lock the Gate Alliance Ltd. Even a gift of 1% of your estate will help us continue our work to protect our land and water from coal and gas extraction while ensuring your loved ones are still provided for.