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Our Movement

Lock the Gate’s success is rooted in our diverse and committed movement.

Across the continent, rural and regional communities are working together towards a vision of secure water, intact landscapes and meaningful cultural and social relationships between people connected by place. Communities as far-flung as Barkly, Barwon, Broome and Baralaba are supported by city folks that understand that sustainable regions mean sustainable cities. 

In the last decade the Lock the Gate movement has grown into an historic coalition of Australians from all walks of life. We're saying that enough is enough. The impacts of resource extraction on our finite farmland and water resources have gone too far. And now it is time to put the future first, to protect what we have for generations to follow and to build a new democracy that has people rather than profits at its heart.

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These are challenging times in rural and regional Australia. 

Drought, fires, floods and extreme weather events, exacerbated by a warming climate, are taking a terrible toll on the economic and social fabric of regional towns and cities. They're putting enormous strain on the physical, emotional and mental well being of communities. The Covid-19 pandemic compounded and added to these challenges, and further exposed the vulnerability of rural communities.

Despite this, our movement is keeping up the good fight. And we’ve even managed to ramp up our efforts as the threats from coal and gas escalated around us. Adapting quickly to working together at a distance, regional and urban communities have stepped up to the challenge of remote organising and collaborated more closely than ever before. What might have driven us apart, has brought us together.

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