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Community wins against coal & gas

Since 2010 when the Lock the Gate movement started - not one single gasfield has moved to production in Australia, outside Queensland. 

Communities have ‘locked their gates’ to coal & gas, and the results have been extraordinary. They've used creativity, collaboration, tenacity, and hard work to take on cashed up companies with endless resources and the backing of our governments. And in numerous places all around the country, they've won!


The groundwater, land, heritage and air in these areas which are precious to local communities and Traditional Owners, have been protected- hopefully for years to come. 

We now have a tried-and-true multi-pronged road to success that includes: 

  • Empowering community 
  • Enabling experts
  • Engaging shareholders
  • Applying legal scrutiny
  • Advocating to government and decision makers  
  • Scrutinising compliance avenues.

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Here are some of the fantastic, hard-fought-for wins that this amazing movement of local communities and organisations has been able to achieve:

1. An ongoing 10-year moratorium on unconventional gas in Tasmania;

2. A permanent ban on fracking in Victoria;

3. The cancellation of 49 million hectares of gas licences and applications in NSW;

4. Six major CSG proposals withdrawn or cancelled in NSW;

5. Gas plans withdrawn in South-east Qld, Wide Bay Burnett and inland of Cairns;

6. Nine million hectares of Queensland’s Lake Eyre Basin rivers and floodplains from new oil and gas;

7. A ban on underground coal gasification in Qld;

8. A 10-year moratorium on unconventional gas in south-east South Australia;

9. A permanent ban on fracking in South West WA, Perth and Swan region;

10. More than 10 proposed coal mines and expansions have been stopped, including the Bylong, Shenhua, Glendell, Dendrobium, Hume, and Rocky Hill coal mines in NSW and the China Stone, Valeria, Central Queensland Coal and Galilee coal mines in Qld.

11. Over 60,000 hectares of proposed new coal release areas in NSW have been rejected and the Fox Resources mining development lease on farmland near Bundaberg was refused.

12. A ban on fracking at Watarrka (Kings Canyon) in the Northern Territory;

13. Over 450 communities have conducted surveys and declared themselves gasfield free;

14. Over 70 local councils have passed motions raising concerns about unconventional gas.